Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s blog! Today’s blog is the third in my “ode to…” series, which is where I write short poems/raps about games and game series that I enjoy. The inspiration to do this blog comes from a spoken word competition that I’m doing tomorrow. Both written poetry and spoken word poetry are things that I really enjoy, and I hope you enjoy this poem as well. 


“An Ode to Super Smash Bros.”

Everyone has that game, the one thing that they gotta’ have. 

If they don’t play that game, life’s a drag, they feel sad. 

Wanted to spend my childhood, playing Smash Bros, 

Getting real good. 

Played it first at my friend’s house

Spam bolts with Pikachu that yellow mouse. 

The original roster was great, 12 characters, an original 8. 

Kirby would float up in the air

Yoshi spamming eggs like he just doesn’t care. 

Mario with an uppercut.

Falcon punch right in the gut. 

Next in the series is Melee, some say it’s still the series in it’s heyday. 

25 characters this time around. 

Let’s see who’s the best fighter, pound for pound. 

Some like Roy, some like Mewtwo. 

Some like Zelda, but hate Pichu. 

This roster was great, and better graphics too. 

Dr. Mario pills got you fighting off the flu. 

Third game’s up next, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 

You can’t wavedash if you can’t even crawl. 

Universal acclaim across the board. 

Pikmin grab the ledge like an inverse zip cord. 

Lucas and Olimar are my favorites.

Get a good Meta Knight though, and he’ll give you fits. 

With 35 characters, it’s a grandiose roster.

Better get the smash ball before Bowser turns into a monster. 

New game up, such anticipation.

New character suggestions from across the nation. 

We got a surprise though, Wii Fit trainer. 

Glad Mega Man is in, that’s a no brainer. 

Some want Bayonetta, but hope she’s tamer,

Either way good times to be a gamer. 

Loving the art direction for both versions.

Hoping the 3ds has the same immersion. 

The trick is keeping the series balanced, so many ways to go. 

So much speculation, nobody really knows. 

Even if things stay largely the same. 

Please, just put Waluigi in the game. 

That’s all for today’s blog! Let me know what you think of it, and I hope you enjoyed it. Should I keep doing these blogs? Is there a series that you would like me to cover next? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!