Hello everyone and welcome to day 18 of my 31/31! Today’s blog is a version of a series that was featured at Game Informer a few weeks ago. That series is Time Sinks. As many of you know, a time sink is a game which you have spent many hours playing. Now, I’m not a gamer with a plethora of games played, nor do I have a gigantic backlog of games to play. However, I have dabbled here and there with different genres, and I have accumulated my fair amount of time sinks in my time playing games. So without further ado, I’ll list my time sinks. They will be listed from least amount of time played to most, and I’ll try to convey what makes them just so gosh darn addicting. 

-#10: Team Fortress 2: With a total of 101 hours invested in the game, Team Fortress 2 has become my latest time sink. I have to be honest here, I hadn’t really heard of the game until I started reading Saint’s blogs here on the site. I remember how his old profile was the medic from TF2, but I always thought it was some caricature in the same style as the band the Gorillaz. Now, I realize that the pic was of the awesome medic class. It wasn’t just Saint’s blogs that got me into the game as well. At the beginning of this year, one of my goals was to start PC gaming more. Getting a Steam account was the natural first step to that. In addition, a bunch of my friends were mentioning TF2 around that time, and so I decided to try it out. It is free after all. Just one day in, and I was hooked. I’ve only owned the game for about 3 months now, and I have even upgraded to premium in that time, but I still am hooked. That’s probably most evident in my “Ode to TF2” blog. Now, what makes the game addicting is a few things. First off is the gameplay. With solid controls, a bunch of different maps and ways to play, the game is awesome. You can also play as multiple different characters which really helps, since you can master different playstyles. Through in a whole bunch of customization options, and a great sense of humor, and you have a fantastic game on your hands. It also helps that a ton of my friends play the game as well, so there’s always some friendly multiplayer available if I want to go that route.
-#9: Injustice: God’s Among Us: Coming in at 110 hours played, Injustice God’s Among Us is another one of my most recent time sinks. I first got introduced to the game at my best friend’s house, and it’s the game of choice whenever we are over there. Both of us are evenly matched, and we love to try out new strategies against each other. While I typically play as some of the villains in the game (Sinestro, Black Adam, Lex Luthor), he likes to play as some of the heroes (Aquaman, Nightwing, Batman). With a bunch of great characters, fun and quick gameplay, and some unique stages, Injustice is a great game overall.
-#8: Mario Kart: Double Dash: With around 200 hours put into it, Double Dash is one of my very first time sinks. The game is addicting, but the amount of time put into it is an accident. It occurred since I had my first 3 save files corrupted by a bad memory card, and each file had about 30 hours of gameplay on them. However, I still play the game on occasion, especially given the great character roster, car choices, and fun battle modes including Bom-omb blast.
-#7: Roller Coaster Tycoon: With about 225 hours put into it, Roller Coaster Tycoon is one of the PC games that I have played the most. This isn’t talking about the series in general, just the very first game. The ability to micro-manage my own theme park is addicting, and having so many different scenarios to do so in is awesome. Through in some crazy coasters, and some mischievous possibilities with them, and you have a great game. For example, I love to micromanage my prices to everything, my paths in the park, and my coasters. I have to nickname everything, and have the park run up to my standards. However, when I grow impatient with the park, it’s hilarious to turn on park-goers and have the whole thing get torn down in flames. Building paths into the water and having people drown, and speeding up and crashing coasters are just a few of the devious things you can do as park owner. 
-#6: Sim City 4: With 250 hours put into it, Sim City 4 is one of the games I have put the most time into on PC. Yes, the game is riddled with bugs, but if you happen to not come across one, and your game decides to work, it can be a blast to play. With graphics that hold up well, and some immersive gameplay, Sim City 4 can be a great city-building simulation. It’s a game that’s difficult to master, but very rewarding to players who manage to do so. In addition, it’s also really fun to destroy your creations in this game as well. With options like giant meteors and even bigger robots, the destruction of a city has never been more entertaining.
-#5: Animal Crossing: City Folk: With 300 hours logged in, Animal Crossing: City Folk is the entry in the series that has received the least amount of love. This is something I don’t get. It improves on the first two entries by making an exciting city area, as well as making other small improvements as well. Regardless, City Folk does the same things that other entries in the series do so well. With quirky writing, fun gameplay, and an addicting objective of trying to improve your house and your city, Animal Crossing is a very beloved series in my heart.
-#4: Age of Empires 2: Age of Empires 2 was the very first time sink I obtained, and was the first PC game I ever owned. It all started when I was 5 years old, and my cousin was living in my house, since he was a college student who had just come over from Morocco. He bought the game for the family PC, and I spent many hours playing the game with him. After teaching me how to play the game, I spent countless hours learning how to absolutely dominate as every single empire available in the game. The game was fascinating to me, and I still remember all of the various historical tidbits the game contained as well.
-#3: Pokémon Emerald: I limited each series to only one spot on the list, because otherwise the list would be dominated by Pokémon and Madden. However, only one Pokémon game could make the list, and Emerald is hands down my favorite. With over 400 hours spent playing the game, Pokémon Emerald is the one I’ve spent the most time in. I love the Hoenn region for just how charming and unique it is, and I love the various Pokémon you can get in the game. This game is special though for being the first game that I decided to start transferring Pokémon via link cable, as I moved my Fire Red and Ruby Pokémon into that game, as well as some ones that I got from friends. With a party that had level 100 Pokémon across the board, and included Metagross, Alakazam, Salamence, Sceptile, Swampert, and Charizard, my Emerald team was unstoppable, and that wasn’t even my legendaries that I had. Unfortunately, I no longer own this game, but I still have fond memories of attempting to catch them all (I got 352 of the 386), and of playing various battles with my friends.
-#2: Super Smash Bros. Brawl: With over 600 hours put into it, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is my favorite game of all time. It’s also one of the games that I’ve put the most time into. Why you might ask? Well, with an interesting story mode, and brilliant 4-player multiplayer, Brawl is a game with near-infinite replay value. It’s a critically acclaimed game, and for good reason. With 35 unique characters, and many unique stages to match, the game just is always reliable for a good time with friends. I’m almost always Lucas, Olimar, or Mr. Game and Watch, and my friends are usually Sonic, Link, and Luigi.
-#1: Madden 08: With over 3,000 hours put into it, Madden 08 easily takes the cake as my time sink. While it isn’t my favorite game or even close to the best game, it is the most addicting game for me, especially with all of the customization and gameplay modes available. Many of the things I listed in my gaming quirks blog keeps bringing me back to this game, whether that includes customizable jerseys, players, or even franchises, the sheer amount of options in the game makes the experience feel fresh even 5 years later. It’s been so good for me that I haven’t bothered spending another penny on the game series since, but I do plan on changing that once the next console generation comes around.
        There it is folks, the ten games I have played the most. It was tough to make this list initially, but it got easier once I established the 2 rules for making the list. Those rules were that only one game per series could make the list, and games had to have at least 100 hours into them. There are countless others that I love that have between 50-100 hours in them. I would guess about 50 games or so are like that. That’s all for today’s blog though. What do you think of my choices? What are your time sinks? What makes a game addicting for you? As always, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!