Hello everyone and welcome to day 16 of my 31/31! I actually was about halfway through my original blog for today, and then scrapped it because I thought the idea was dumb. The original blog for today was supposed to be a short little personal narrative about a day in the life of me when I blog. I thought that came across as just a liiiiitle bit self-centered, so I scrapped it. Instead, I tried to be more mindful. I had just come back from the mosque after all, and I the message of today’s lesson was mindfulness, reflection, and awareness. It’s definitely 3 key aspects that people focus on during Ramadan, and I thought it was needed a bit in my life recently. So today’s focus is a discussion about reflection and deep thoughts in games. I also named my blog what I named it, since I thought Psyduck (my profile picture), could learn reflect. I mean, who doesn’t know reflect in the Pokémon world? The TM is sold at vending machines and department stores for goodness sake! Well, I guess Psyduck doesn’t learn reflect. Whoops. On that awkward note, on with the blog! 
                           (Kapp'n. He's the first character I thought of when writing this.) 
        So what does make you reflect when you play games? We all know gaming can make us feel emotional. Whether that runs from sadness to happiness to anger. Name an emotion, and someone has probably felt it while playing a game. However, in this wired world we live in, it’s tough for us to find time to just reflect, and I find this to be true in our gaming habits. Now, when I say reflect, it’s not meant as taking a physical break from the game, or even meant as shaming people for doing things, it’s just meant as taking a moment to think about the emotional impact a game might be having, and most importantly, why it’s having that impact.
        I find it interesting that whenever I play a game, there are certain patterns that occur whenever I think about what gets me to reflect on what I’m going through. The first thing is that a game must be slower paced. If a game is too fast paced, I’m often worried about the action going on around me, not about the metaphysics of our society. Another tendency that I notice is that the game often is sad. While this might seem like an obvious statement, I’ve always wondered why this happens. I would say that of all the emotions that have caused me to reflect as a gamer, sadness is the overwhelming favorite, with relief a distant second. I guess the reason being that sadness is a very overwhelming emotion, and makes you think about why you are sad, whereas other emotions can be a bit sneakier.
        Take a game like the Last of Us for example. Throughout the game, many players have moments of just shock and awe at how desolate the world has become. I remember watching the Test Chamber episode for the game and hearing them comment on how crazy it would be to grow up in a post-apocalyptic world like Ellie had. This got me really thinking on the topic, and was a good example of how games can make you reflect on different things.
        That’s all for today’s blog. Sorry it wasn’t longer, but I just ran out of time quite frankly. Do you ever reflect on things when you game? What makes you reflect when you game? Feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll be sure to answer it as soon as I can.