Allow me to start my first blog with a trip down memory lane.  Throughout my childhood, I am ashamed to say, I was what one would consider to be the definition of a Nintendo fanboy. I owned every Nintendo console, from the original NES to the GameCube, as well as all of the portable systems.  I would also constantly defend Nintendo as the best gaming company in existence, basing all of my arguments primarily on opinion rather than fact; my fanboyhood was so horrible that my friends had actually started calling me Nintendo.  Thus, you can imagine my pure giddiness when the Wii was finally released; I spent hours waiting outside in the cold just so I could be among the first to lay my hands on the little white console on launch day, which was November 19, 2006.  I remember this date particularly well not just because of my Nintendo obsession, but also because that happened to be the day that my plumbing backed up and exploded all over the basement, thus causing me to spend countless hours of my time cleaning carpets... but that's probably a story best left for another day.  Anyways, the reason for this blast to the past was not to tell random stalkers my life story (I know you're out there, by the way), but instead to express just how shocking it was for me to have sold my Wii in order to afford a PS3 slim.

I realize that most of you could really care less about my past obsessions or my new PS3 (unless your one of the stalkers mentioned above), but for the sake of this blog we're going to pretend that this is life changing news for you.  This story leads me into the main point of this entry, which is to outline the major flaws of the Wii, (as well as a few of it's strengths), and also briefly discuss the PS3's rising success.  I have no doubt that there have been blogs before this speaking of similar topics, this is simply my take on the issue; consider this a warm up entry for new and more unique posts to come. (Or just call me a boring copy cat and spend hours of your life sending me hate mail; it's really all the same to me.) Getting back on topic, however, I have divided this post into four main sections, which are as follows:

Wii Failure #1: Pre-release Lies

A) The Name: Remember when Nintendo originally advertised it's new console as "the Revolution"? That name sounded pretty cool, it's only problem was maybe it lacked a little bit of originality.  The name "Wii" is chock full of originality, but unfortunately it makes most people think either of using the bathroom or of a certain body part... whoever came up with that name should definitely be fired.

B) Missing Games at Launch: When I first planned to get a Wii, I decided that I wanted a red Wii, with two new games to go along with it: "Dragon Quest: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors", and "Smash Bros. Brawl".  As it turns out, although all of my plans were originally promised by Nintendo at E3, I went 0-3.  Nintendo still only has a white Wii available (though a black one is coming out soon, as if anyone cares), and both the games I wanted got pushed back by over a year from their original release date.

C) Controls: Few people seem to have noticed this, but before "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" was released on Wii, Nintendo developers had promised that players would be able to use motion controls for a variety of tasks, such as firing link's bow and paddling the canoe.  When the game was released, the only purpose of the Wii remote was to swing Link's sword. Now, I love the game and understand that things may have been taken out in order to push for an early release date, but it was still pretty disappointing.

Wii Failure #2: Poor Game Library

To date, I can think of six games that I truly enjoy that exist on the Wii. They are: "Twilight Princess", "Mario Galaxy", "Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn", "Smash Bros. Brawl", "Little King's Story", and "Resident Evil: the Umbrella Chronicles".  That means, that in three years of existence, only six titles are really worth a serious playthrough... that's downright pathetic.  Where is Pikmin 3???  Why did Nintendo stop making decent Donkey Kong games once RareWare left???  Where is all of the Wii's third party support??? And most importantly, why did Nintendo abandon the hardcore gamers that made it popular in favor of toddlers and old people???  I remember walking through Walmart sometime last month and noticing a game called "Party Babyz" exclusively for the nintendo Wii... I almost cried.  I mean, seriously. "Party Babyz"??? Nintendo deserves to die simply for allowing that kind of garbage on their system.

Wii Failure #3: Bad Online Gameplay

This one I'll keep short and sweet.  Friend codes ruined most of the fun of Nintendo's online games.  The Opera web browser they released is also terrible, as it's flash player is too outdated to run most videos by now.  Also, most people figured that online "Smash Bros. Brawl" would be one of the best gaming experiences of the generation; instead it was boring and rather laggy, it was also incredibly hard to find opponents in order to even get a game started in the first place.  Finally, the lack of trophies or any sort of recorded achievement leaves players without the proper motivation to play online anyway. Nintendo needs to reconstruct their entire online policy. Period.

PS3 Improvements

When the PS3 was first released, it had it's own set of serious problems; it was extremely overpriced, had an annoying online system, lacked an adequate amount of hard drive space, and relied heavily on Blu Ray winning the technology war over HD dvd. (Haha Xbox 360)  Fortunately, Sony addressed all of these problems with the release of the PS3 slim.  While the slim admittedly still has some problems, such as no backwards compatibility, and being unable to run linux, it still fits my needs perfectly.  It is strange to think that Sony is the opposite of Nintendo, in that it started at the bottom and worked its way to the top, whereas Nintendo had immediate success yet has been sinking for the past few years.

In conclusion (as I'm sure you're tired of hearing me babble), this is simply my reasoning for switching from a Wii to a PS3. Don't worry, I'm not a Sony fanboy either, as I have finally switched into a more realistic and reasonable gamer, able to logically defend my points. (At least I hope so, since fanboys are truly annoying.)  I don't hate Wii or Xbox 360, in fact Wii seems to have a good exclusive coming out in "Epic Mickey"; I wish I could play it, as it strongly reminds me of the N64 platformers such as Donkey Kong or Banjo Kazooie, except with an innovative twist. Ending on a positive note, pushing away from Nintendo has caused me to leave the dark basement I spent my childhood in, huddled in front of a TV screen.  Now I occasionally go outside, feeling fresh air and sunshine. It burns...