Over the past month I have been working on PhotoShop CS3 for artwork for my MatCatz Tournament Edition Arcade Stick for the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV and EVO 2010.

Here they are, please comment on any of them if you like:

First of my Street Fighter Alpha 3 Karin-themed Arcade Stick.

This one is so far my favorite one that I have done. Completed in about 2 to 3 hours, what took a while was finding a good blend of colors for both of the Karin characters. Overall, I am very content with this one.

Next one is my Street Fighter Alpha 3 Sakura-Themed art.

As if you guys my or may not know, Sakura is my favorite Street Fighter character within the whole series. This art was also my first art that I have done for my TE art collection. This one took about roughly 4 to 5 hours to complete. If you guys have noticed, the background for the Sakura and the Karin TE art are similar, but since this was my first art that I have done, the background took a while to complete, hence that 2 hour difference. The shadings for the characters were a bit hard to do too. As you can see, the left Sakura, is a bit lighter than that of the right Sakura, but they were drawn in different shades when I found the artwork on kawaiidream.net. I didn't not add the button layout on this one since I thought it look better this way.

Even though it's not as good as I wanted it to be, I'm very content with it because I put a lot of effort into my first art for the TE stick, and I thought it came out pretty well.

Next one is my "The IdolM@ster" Chihaya Kisaragi-Themed Art.

If you guys don't know what "The IdolM@ster" is, it was the top-selling Xbox 360 game that came out only in Japan, selling millions of copies.

Here's a video to enlighten you guys what Project IM@S is :

Chihaya Kisaragi is my favorite character from the IM@S series and I thought I did well with this Arcade Stick Art. This one took about 2-3 hours to do. What I like about this one is the little stuff that I added to it like her name above the Turbo switches and the little glow that she has around the character.

Next one is a Capcom Fighting Jam Ingrid-Theme Art.

I thought Ingrid was a perfect Capcom character to do. Since she was only in two Capcom games, Capcom Fighting Jam for the Xbox and PS2 and Street Fighter Alpha Max 3 for the PSP. This one taking about roughly 2-3 hours, the hard part was to get everything Black and White and only her eyes Red. The background is also HTML coding that I have done and thought it fit perfectly with Ingrid since she is from the future, and it has a futuristic design to it.

Overall, I am happy with the work that I have done. Once I print them all out and put them all of them onto my arcade stick, I'll post another blog to show you guys the final result for all of the art work that I have done.

If anyone wants, I can create something for your TE, SE, or HRAP3, just comment or PM me, and if you guys want the PSD for any of these, also comment here and I'll gladly put them up for you guys.

Thanks for reading!