This is all I'm going to say... YES! Also, I like to thank all of my friends on GI.

Mooglelover1 - Really fun debating with you about Street Fighter, Thanks

Meta77 - Thanks for the awesome discussions about anime/manga

SolarPlex - Thanks for letting me become a part of a new community on and making me part of the staff. Awesome website!

Matt & KK - You guys always make me lulz for some reason. Hope you guys have a happy life together!

Matt Brooker - Thanks for posting my SFIV tournament within you community update blog!

Ben Deckert - Thanks for giving me lovely input about my game reviews.

JuniorMints - Thanks for the TIO program and for helping organize the SFIV tourney! Let's make it great!

BigB63 - also fun talking about anime with you!

To the rest - Thanks for just adding me to your friends list.

And to the GI Community. Luv you all!