Alright Street Fighters, on, they have released some leaked images for some of the new Street Fighters, for "Super Street Fighter IV", 4 other new characters were announced, Adon, a Kick Boxing fighter from the Street Fighter Alpha series, Guy, an American Ninja from the games "Final Fight" and the Street Fighter Alpha series, and Cody, the hero-turn-runaway also from "Final Fight" and also from the Street Fighter Alpha series! Even though not shown, also confirmed that Ibuki will also make the stage in SSFIV. These are the other 4 out of the 11 (the first 3, Deejay, Juri, and T.Hawk plus the 8 that were remaining) characters that are going to be in the new "Super Street Fighter IV" game.  Now we have 4 more characters remaining for the slots in for "Super Street Fighter IV", who will they be? Hopfully Karin and Makoto make the stage into "Super Street Fighter IV".

Cody and Adon




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