Boredom always takes a huge toll on you and on your wallet. But for me, I think boredom is a necessity for collectors.

Almost everyone spends something to relive their boredom. For me, I spend it on video games, anime and manga. I collect, work, and save over the years my hard work money so that I can collect my treasures. I have collected and compiles so many nick-knacks that it is so hard to keep track of how much stuff I have with me!

Here, you can see that I spend a lot of time watching anime and manga. This is my small collection of manga. I counted how much manga books I had and I counted that I have 42 mangas. If I calculated correctly, the average cost of each manga is $12 with tax and it comes up to the total of $504, give or take a few dollars. I could by a new PS3 if I sold all these manga back! I have a very small library of anime (as shown) and I'm starting to try to collect more. All of them are box sets so I can get the most of my money buying anime and also enjoy the whole series. And the amount that I have collected so far amounts to about $200, give or take a few.

With the collection of manga and anime, I also collect model cars, mechs, special edition games items, and wall scrolls, about $200.

I also have countless library of video games. I have a dozen amounts of PSP, Gameboy, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, and PS1, and PC games and if I calculated correctly, they would amount to about $2500 worth of games and consoles. That's half of my car loan!

So, I leave this blog asking, you, the readers this : How much do you spend on your hobby and and do you think it's all worth it?

To me, I believe that I spend a lot, but I think almost every single penny that goes towards my hobby, it is all worth it.