Hello, and welcome to the second episode of Saka's import ratings, where I rate import games from around the globe. Today, I'm going to rate Miku Hatsune : Project Diva for the PSP

Here is a sample of the gameplay:

Song : 恋は戦争 (Koi wa Sensou - Love is War)

Created by : Ryo

As you guys may or may not know, Miku Hatsune is a very popular vocal program from the program Vocaloid made by Yamaha. Miku Hatsune is the most popular vocal program from the set of vocal programs that came with Vocaloid, having multiple hits for so many different songs. All the songs she sings are user-created and were uploaded onto the original site niconico.jp. Her first hit was created by Ryo and the song was called :「メルト」(Melt). This song got 2+ million views on youtube.com and has over 10+ million views on niconico.jp This is her first appearance in a video game starring her.

In Game Informer, Project Diva was listed at #5 in the top 10 most selling games in Japan. (Forgot what issue it was though. It's somewhere between issue #196-198) and this game is create by Sega JP.

The gameplay is quite simple. It's a rhythm-style game where you use the face buttons on the PSP and get the timing correctly to get a score. I'm love rhythm-style gameplay, but when I first saw the game at first glance, I thought this game was going to be fairly simple. But when I started playing it, the game is a bit difficult. Even on normal mode, the game's press-timing is a bit harsh, but once you get the groove of playing, you get the sense of rhythm for the songs. All of the song lists are all from a lot of the popular Miku Hatsune song creators like Ryo, SuperCell, and many others.

The song list is a nice compilation of many of her hit songs like the ones listed (Melt, and Love is War). Even though the compilation of the songs are a nice, the songs themselves seem are like sample songs instead of the full song.

The background dances Miku does are a pretty cute, and keep the gameplay interesting when you are playing, and you can unlock the Music Videos if you score a high percent on that song.

I think the best factor of this game is the customization for Miku. There are numerous amount of cos-play (dressing up) of Miku and as an addition, there are also special cos-plays where you can get all of the vocaloids from all of the vocaloid programs like Lin, Rin, and Luka, as well as the popular fan-made vocaloids like Haku. There is also something called "Miku's Room" where you can decorate and listen to all of her songs on the game, or you can listen to the songs that you have uploaded onto your PSP. This adds a lot of replay value to me, because every time I pick up the game, there are still so many costumes and decorations that I still need to unlock, and I have unlocked only 50% of the unlockables.

There is a Song Creator mode where you can use one of your songs that you have loaded and you can create your own gameplay for that song. I personally tried it once but failed because I'm still not adept in reading Japanese.

There is also a gallery mode where you can unlock quite of amount of artwork from various users on niconico.jp and save them onto your PSP and use them as your background.

I find this game really only is aimed for the Vocaloid fans. And you always have to save manually, continuously going back and forth between menus just to save the game. Also, once I defeated the highest difficulty songs and got used to the gameplay, the rest of the songs are a piece of cake, and I think this game is a bit on the side of "user friendly", but I enjoyed it even though I play harder rhythm games like Beatmania and DJ Max Portable.

Overall, this game is a nice addition to all of the Vocaloid fans and has a nice selection of songs while keeping the gameplay on the "user-friendly" side.


Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to have another episode running up. 'Till then.