Last night I was writing an essay for my college English class about violence, and I come the conclusion that video games embrace violence.

Ever since the late 80's and the early 90's, video games started to embrace the image of violence. Now we have games that have violence ranging from kid violence like stomping on a goomba's head in Super Mario Bros. and killing goblins in Final Fantasy to the most brutal violence like Fatalities in Mortal Kombat and shooting innocent bystanders in Grand Theft Auto.

Let's face it, most of are video games are littered with violence. There is almost no avoiding it. Now there are a degree of how much violence we have in our video games. For example, the popular game Kingdom Hearts pits Disney characters against the forces of evil, and the only way they can win, they resort to fighting. You may think, "Well, I don't think Kingdom Hearts counts as a violent game." Think it about it this way, isn't fighting a form of violence? Even though the game is toned down the violence to reach the younger audience, fighting is still a from a violence. And now that I look at Disney, I kinda shake my head. Isn't Disney supposed to be a group that doesn't portray violence? On a far spectrum of violence, I sometimes think of Tetris as being a bit violent game. I always thought that the bricks have their own personality, and every time I delete a row of lines, I always think of the blocks somehow scream bloody murder because half of their bodies disappeared, but that's just my outlook on Tetris.

Now, there are some games that don't have the slight of violence in them such as rhythm and puzzle games. But how many of these games are more popular over the Halo Series or Call of Duty Series. Only a few of these types of games have reached a stature that competes with games with violence in them.

So I ask you this, do you think violent games more successful that all of the other games in the market?

I'd say yes, and most companies, if not, all companies will continue the path of violent video games, and becuase we demand it, they will continue to produce.



To whom everyone who thinks I'm crazy because I think of Tetris is violent, this is more of a perspective of how video games can be portrayed as violent without it being so. The Tetris comment is somewhat a joke but also this is also what I thought about Tetris when I was like 5 years old, and a child's imagination runs rampant during those tender years of age.