Has there ever been a video game that you wanted to see in action on the big screen? One with prominent actors who look the part, well made CGI and a world you can immerse yourself in as much as you do while playing? Well, we certainly do. Nintendo may be skittish about making movies after their botched attempt in the late 80's, but with the development of awesome games year after year, we think it's time they give it another shot. and what better game to make a stellar movie out of than one that is so close to many gamer’s hearts? So without further ado, we (Silvershine and iDreamRunner) present our official cast list for the film representation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.



Young Link – Dakota Goyo


Child Link is an orphan living in the Kokiri forest, until one day he is summoned by the Great Deku Tree to embark on a noble quest to save Hyrule, a land he’s never seen lying just outside the forest. As the first character that you really see, the actor portraying young Link needs to immediately grab the audience. Naturally he has to be played by a little kid, and although Zachary Tyler (Aang) first came to mind, he’s not a little kid anymore. Thus we have Dakota Goyo. Dakota Goyo is used to being in the spotlight, and being the younger version of primary characters. His role as Young Thor last year was fantastic, but he really shined as Hugh Jackman’s son in Real Steel. I think the Young Thor role is enough though. So give it up for your new Young Link. If any kid can be the young, silent, blonde haired, blue-eyed protagonist of this film, this is him.



Saria – Caitlin Carmichael


Saria is Link’s best friend who lives in Kokiri Forest. If she’s not hanging out with Link during the day, she can often be found spending time alone in the Lost Woods playing her ocarina. Despite her chipper and carefree attitude, she doubles her duties as Sage as well, making this one a rather tough call. Caitlin Carmichael fits the Kokiri age and has got a nice smile to back her performance. Having been in several horror and thriller films, Caitlin isn’t fazed by being young in a mature environment. With the looks that come from being 8 and the personality from her previous films, she can take on both the role of being a kid and being the Forest sage when she’s older.



Navi – Tara Strong (VA)


Navi is the fairy that starts Link on his journey, and she is one of the most annoying “helpful” characters in video game history. With shouts of “Hey!”, “Listen!”, and “Look out!”, Navi was the only character in the game with actual spoken words. I know the majority of Zelda fans hate Navi for her ‘constant’ nagging and useless information, but let’s be honest, she plays a faerie-ly important role (sorry that was bad). She serves as Link’s travel partner, informing him about his surroundings, and navigating his route through Hyrule to greatness. Considering her extensive background in voice acting, Tara Strong will be taking over the role. She’s best known as the cute, high pitched Bubbles in Powerpuff girls and other notable roles such as Harley Quinn for the Batman series. Perhaps she will actually make us enjoy listening to Navi… but probably not.



Kaepora Gaebora – Craig Ferguson (VA)

Perhaps even hailed as more annoying than our resident fairy, Kaepora Gaebora greets our hero right after leaving the forest. Link’s world has just been turned upside down, and now there is an owl that keeps rambling on and on about nothing for 5 minutes. Inevitably, this owl will end his speech with a “Would you like to hear that again?” and Link will answer with a nod while half asleep, causing him to start the rant all over again. The voice of this wise, though annoying bird is Craig Ferguson. He plays Owl from Winnie the Pooh… enough said. Maybe some of his comedic personality can come out and make us enjoy the rambling a second time through.



Great Deku Tree – Randall Duk Kim (VA)


The elder tree that protects all the children of Kariko Forest is dying, but before he does he has quite a bit to say! Randall Duke Kim has the fantastic voice of an elderly figure while still being wise all the way to death. His most recent role was playing Master Oogway in the feature film Kung Fu Panda, and does an excellent job fulfilling that wise, old, nature-type sage. The Great Deku Tree in comparison is pretty much the tree-version of Master Oogway (whose spirit coincidentally resides next to a tree). We can think of no better voice to impart the truth of lineage and rough journey ahead to Link than him.



Young Malon – Morgan Lilly


The daughter of Talon is first seen wandering around Hyrule market looking for her father. While waiting for her father for a total of 24+ hours to deliver a shipment of dairy goods to the castle, she fills an “independent lost girl” type of role. She also has a way with the horses on the ranch, calming them with her songs. She affectionately refers to Link as “fairy boy” and introduces him to their newest pony, Epona. Morgan Lily has just the right look for the rancher’s daughter. This little girl is adorable, and has plenty of acting credit to boot. Morgan already has done a great job fulfilling the role as a young Mystique in X-Men First Class, and she has the humor to fulfill the role of teasing our hero. She also enjoys singing, which is an integral part of Malon’s character. What more is there to say?



Talon – Brian Baumgarter

Talon is the lazy owner of the Lon Lon Ranch and father to Malon. Link first meets Talon sleeping outside of the castle, slacking off after making a milk delivery. Despite his faults, he does his best to raise his daughter well and provide as best he can. In the game, his character originally looked like a slightly older Mario without the cap. This led me to choose Lou Albano from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, but then I realized it’s not 1989 anymore… Talon’s bulk and laid back personality seemed like a perfect fit for Brian Baumgartner from The Office. He certainly fits the comedy role of the character decently well. Kevin Malone also seems like he could mold into the fatherly aspect.



Young Zelda – Joey King


Once Link gets past the labyrinth of guards, he meets the beautiful princess Zelda. She is the princess of Hyrule who has the mysterious ability to foresee the future from her various dreams. But this isn’t the woe-is-me kind of princess; she has intuition and wisdom well beyond her years. After meeting Link, she pleads with him to find the Spiritual Stones Ganondorf needs to enter the Sacred Realm while she guards the final key, the Ocarina of Time. Joey King is used to getting into all kinds of trouble from her role portraying popular children’s book character Ramona Quinn. To be honest, I was basing the Zelda role of the picture drawn by ReevolvR from DeviantArt. It is a gorgeous picture and Joey’s face just snaps me right back to it. She’s also had roles as the young Talia Al Ghul in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, so she’s not just a pretty face. This girl definitely has the ability to pull off the Zelda look with a heart of gold, the ability to trust her gut, and speak her mind.


Impa – Meryl Streep

The matronly protector of the princess, Impa has a caring soul and a no-nonsense attitude. She’s quiet and wise, yet gives off a cold, stern, almost calculating glare. As the last of her people, she also has a lot of pride in herself and her abilities. Doubling as the role of the Shadow Sage, Impa is one tough cookie with a soft center for Zelda and her newfound friend Link. Meryl Streep has certainly shown her pride and blunt personality in Devil Wears Prada. She also has had the perfect Impa-representing motherly role in The River Wild. Just add some muscle definition here and there, and bam! You’ve got Impa.



Ganondorf – Denzel Washington


As the main villain, the role of Ganondorf holds a lot of expectations. He’s strong, mysterious, cunning, and sometimes dramatically evil. You first meet him as the man that young Zelda is spying on, and it turns out that her negative feelings about him were right. While most of his work is done through threats and hostile manipulation, he can hold his own in a fight. His dark abilities and sword fighting skill give our hero a definite run for his money. With a BAMF like this, only Denzel Washington could fit the role. His role as Eli in the aptly named Book of Eli is just downright incredible. The fight scenes, the banter, and overall badassitude more than qualify him right off the bat. Still don’t believe us? Go watch Training Day. This guy does not mess around, and he will get what he wants, even if it’s your life. All he really needs his to deepen his voice a bit. Just don’t use Christian Bale as a model, please.



Ingo – Alan Rickman


Ingo is a farmhand working on Talon’s Lon Lon Ranch. He has a real bad attitude, and hates Link right from the start. Constantly complaining about how much work he does, he also feels that he is not getting the respected treatment he deserves. Surprisingly, Ingo’s story reminded me of another man… Severus Snape. The man is so cold and bitter about not getting his prize job position, he ends up taking it out on most of his students. Alan Rickman knows how to act mean, yet victimized and would translate to this role extremely well. Plus, he can already ride a horse in order to race against Link later on.



Happy Mask Salesman – Shigeru Miyamoto


The Happy Mask Salesman always has a smile on his face, giving the feeling that something is a bit off with him. He provides you with a mini quest line to use and trade all of his masks. While Shigeru Miyamoto does not unnerve me, there is definitely no better person to represent the Salesman’s likeness. What can I say? The two look so similar it’s a crime not to have him in the movie. We all know the Happy Mask Salesman doesn’t really play any major role in the Ocarina games, but his cameo could be similar to Stan Lee of Marvel fame. Since after the success of this movie, Nintendo is bound to have many more, Miyamoto should cameo in all Nintendo films. Hopefully he’ll be able to deliver the few lines well in English. Psst. By the way, there’s also another use for him coming soon so continue to read on.



Darunia – James Earl Jones (VA)


Darunia is the proud, often stubborn leader of the Goron tribe. He’s tough, strong, and carries the respect of his people and outsiders on his back. He initially refuses to talk to Link until it is revealed that Darunia loves to dance and Link offers a song. The voice of this strict and affectionate leader is that of James Earl Jones, as evidenced by his role as Mufasa in The Lion King. Jones has played many other leadership roles as well, including the famous Darth Vader from Star Wars. Can you imagine that awesome voice standing up to Ganondorf? Seriously, what more do you need? Sign him up!



King Zora – Brian Blessed (VA)


King Zora is the leader of the Zora tribe and father to Princess Ruto. An extremely large man… fish, he blocks the entrance to the patron deity of his people, Lord Jabu Jabu, who has swallowed his daughter whole. While a leader in his own right, he often spends much of his time worrying about his tomboy daughter, who often sneaks away from her given protection to venture out on her own. The voice of the loud and pretentious king is Brian Blessed, who voiced Boss Nass. Although Boss Nass is the less annoying version of Jar Jar Binks, he does play a heavy leadership role, and Brian Blessed portrays that rather well. Plus he’s the best fishy-type leader we could think of, and it’s not a bad call if I do say so myself. Can anyone else hear King Zora making the perturbed Boss Nass noise? 



Young & Adult Ruto – Brittney Kabowski (VA)


The daughter of King Zora, and the princess of her people, Ruto is one of the most dramatic characters in Ocarina of Time. After being swallowed by the tribe’s deity fish Jabu Jabu (though she wanders his stomach all the time), Link and Ruto are forced to work together in order solve his illness. However, she is used to being pampered and getting her way. As a result, Link is going to be the one to do all the work, and literally carry her weight. The pompous girl is voiced by Brittney Karbowski, who is no stranger to dramatic roles. As a tomboyish, crabby assistant to a local investigator, Kabowski’s voice work for Kiko in Darker Than Black had Ruto all over it. She’s also done other coy, childish roles in various other animes as well. So we decided that’s she’s a perfect fit for both the young and adult versions.



Adult Link – Alex Ludwig


After pulling the Master Sword from the pedestal, Link awakens 7 years in the future. The whole world has changed as Ganondorf has risen to power, and now Link must find a way to stop it. Bounding through highs and lows, heat and cold, and all sorts of other dangers for a land he barely knows, our actor has got to be strong, tough, athletic and a natural blonde. Though still silent, the strong presence of Alexander Ludwig keeps Link at his heroic best. While Alex may have been a jerk as Cato in The Hunger Games, there is no doubt that he would be a great fit for the green tunic and tights.



Adult Malon – Molly Quinn


Link meets Malon again after he awakens, only now Ingo has exiled Talon and taken over the ranch. Malon works for him out of fear of how he will treat the animals if she disobeys. This one was a little tougher, but we ended going with Molly Quinn. The biggest reason was that she could definitely pass as an older rendition of Morgan Lilly. Despite that, her acting arsenal isn’t too shabby either. She’s done voice work as Nathan Fillion’s daughter in the TV series Castle, and Eve Brea from the 3rd Birthday.



Adult Zelda – Eliza Bennett


Zelda is strong, agile, and independent, yet still regal. Luckily, we’ve got Eliza Bennett, last known for her main role in InkHeart, an adventure tale where storybook characters come to life. Eliza is strikingly beautiful and in good enough shape to fill the role of Sheik as well. However, we would have to work on her American accent, and probably her harp playing abilities.



Nabooru – Freema Agyeman


Nabooru is the Ganondorf’s second-in-command and the Sage of the Spirit Temple. However, Nabooru vehemently opposes Ganondorf, and has separated herself from her people. She’s tough, proud, and determined warrior who is not afraid to question authority. What better role to fit this than Freema Agyeman? Her role as Martha Jones in the recent Doctor Who series more than qualifies her with plenty of action sequences, determined speeches, and the occasional danger scenes. So grab her costume and get her on the set already!



Rauru – Sean Connery


Rauru is the fat friar character who plays the Sage of Light. Rauru protected Link as he slept in the Chamber of Sages while Ganondorf stole the Triforce of Power and took over the Sacred Realm. Serving as leader of the other Sages and Link’s guiding force during his awakening, Rauru fills a small, but important role in presenting Link’s destiny. The ancient Hylian is represented by Sean Connery, who obviously has fulfilled roles based on wisdom and has the facial hair to match. His most notable movie for me was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but he’s also played an epic role in the League of Extraordinary Gentleman as well. Don’t forget that he was also James Bond once upon a time!



The Great Fairy – Will Ferrell


The Great Fairy is the lovely, yet creepy lady that grants Link all of his extraordinary abilities. She helps Link through his quest by replenishing health, and recovering his magic power. This wouldn’t be especially notable if the Fairy was not the most disturbing ally in the game. When I was young, I actually found her to be a bit comical. The seaweed woven barely-there clothing, seductive poses and haunting laugh can only be adequately represented by one person. Thus we give you Will Ferrell. He’s the best known translation to the Great Fairy from his character Buddy the Elf and other stupid comedy roles. You either love him or hate him, and this role as the Great Fairy is bound to satisfy fans of both categories. Come on, you know you want to see Will giggling and twirling around. At least that would be a different kind of nightmare.



Majora – Mark Hamill


Majora? As in Majora’s Mask? Why is he in Ocarina of Time? Well every great movie has a teaser trailer for the sequel in it nowadays. What better way to continue the trend than to have a Majora’s Mask trailer. Featuring Mark Hamill as the dark, ominous voice of the mask and the high, insane voice of Skull Kid, the trailer will also feature Shigeru Miyamoto as the creepy Happy Mask Salesman with his signature line “You’ve met a terrible fate, haven’t you?”



Well, we hope you enjoyed our picks! Is there anybody you had in mind for a casting role?