Have you ever been launched out of the stage by an enemy or "friend"? You can learn how to ruin their lives by reading this article. This is a first How To on getting Revenge in SSBB(Super Smash Bros Brawl). If you don't have this game, Don't click.

super smash bros pic

The picture above shows every possible character and assist trophy. They all can kill and fight. They all have certain techniques that determine life or death. Meteor attacks, multy-jumps, smash attacks, counters, multiple combos. Those techniques are great to use, yet having those skills used against you is a pain. So here is how revenge works best.

STEP 1: Know the foe

Knowing your foe is the basic step. Play as that person to understand them. Their speed, attack power, weaknesses, and the percentage they start to fly. Get used to the controls(taunts don't count). Try to figure out a combo that has no possible way to counter or close off. The combo should consist of standard and special attacks arranged in a variety of ways. It should be unpredictable and all so sudden, they can't prepare for it or defend. Also remember: the up-special is a crucial part in survival. Kirby, Jigglypuff, Snake, Sonic, and Olimar(if has max pikmin) have the best jump and up-special there. Quick tip: Size matters.

STEP 2: Know the stage

Every stage(except some custom, Battlefield, and Final Destination) has a gimmick that can help or hinder your ability to attack. Stages are helpful and a pain. All of them have avoidable obstacles. Knowing the location is handy, but some stages have random obstacles or obstacles that don't have a permanant area. If the gimmick hurts if touched, try to hit an opponent at that spot. Send them flying. It'll hurt fo sure.

STEP 3: Pick the perfect fighter

As said in step 1, get used to every character. Yet 1 character will always have that 1 place in your heart...or life stock. Each character has a favorite button. Find that button and use it well.

STEP 4: Learn the grounders

In battle, the main fight is on the ground. Ground combos are a must for a little survival. It is also the only place where Smash Attacks can be performed. They are the strongest attacks useable(except for final smash) in your arsenal. They are your friend. I recommend opening a combo with a smash(not fully charged) and side-special then standard combo and a up-smash.

STEP 5: Learn to fly

This statement is not actually mean flying. It means midair attacks. Most characters are vulnerable in the air. Meteor attacks are the best midair attacks possible. Some people have it while others don't. Yet they have an attack just as helpful. If an enemy is airborne, smash up and jump to him and attack up and keep trying until he is out the top. Sonic can do that since after he does an up-special, he can still do standard midair attacks. You smash up then jump up attack then jump up attack then up-special and up attack.

Hopefully this is helpful to gain revenge on the opponent you desperately hate.