I would like to take this chance to get to know you GI people better. I have a simple rating system for you guys and gals. Based on the list, you say the number you think you are honestly, on a scale of 1-9, 9 being the best. Prove why you deserve that number. Rate yourself honestly, and we will all think of you fairly. unless you are a 1, then we won't talk to you.

9.the ultimate gamer who plays every hour

8.the ultimate gamer who plays a few times in a day

7.the ultimate gamer who plays once a day

6.the best gamer who plays every couple of days

5.the best gamer who plays a few times a week

4.the adequet gamer who plays every so often

3.the wimp gamer who plays once in a while

2.the noob who barely plays

1.You get the point now...