I hearby declare myself A GAMER. As a gamer, I will dedicate 2/3 or more of my life towards video games. Every single popular system must be played. The systems have to be both handeld and stationary. You must spend over $1000 in your whole entire life towards games. 10 games from the popular systems must be finished completely(includes side quests, extra missions, etc.). You must never cheat on at least 2 games in your whole life. Each game you play must be finished in more than 5 hours. You must play at least one of each game genre. You must do online play at least 100 times. You must never sell a super-awesome game under any condition what-so-ever. You must never break a system unless you get a system that is better than the one you broke. You must play a game of every rating.

If I do not follow these rules, I am official not a serious gamer and will be further know as: NOOB. I can eliminate being know as: NOOB by following the rules above.


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