Movie tie-in games: the bane of video games' existance. Movie tie-in games are those cash-grab games, generally poorly developed and have no replay value whatsoever, that normally only appeal to a younger audience of players that don't know any better who are just dying to get themselves involved in the same antics as their new favorite superhero. We are all guilty of buying these games whether it was hoping we would truly be entertained or simply because we wanted to see how bad the lastest microwave-cooked movie game was. Although movie games are normally nothing to write home about, there are three games in particular that rise from the filth pile that is Moviegame Mountain. These three games from years gone by have broken the trend of bad movie tie-ins. Unlike others, these games are not only playable, but genuinely enjoyable.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

This one honestly caught me by surprise. At this point in gaming history there have not been any decent movie tie-in games quite as good as this one. Game reviewers of all sites gave a forewarning to adults with children that the PlayStaton 3 and Xbox 360 versions were not for kids. It is worth noting that those particular versions were called the "Uncaged Edition" preceded with an M-rating for gratuitous violence and language. This alone peaked my interest. When I finally picked it up I had a hard time putting it back down. The game's violence was a worthy depiction of the James Howlett a.k.a. Logan a.k.a. Wolverine Marvel fans know and love. This was no cartoony oh-they're-just-injured-because-this-is-a-kids-game. This was full on slice 'n' dice action complete with dismemberment, blood splatters that would cover Wolverine after a confrontation, and plenty of profanity. The game played well overall and was, honestly, better than the movie itself. It received an 8 out of 10 from GameInformer.

Did I mention you can see his skin regenerate in real-time...?

Spider-man 2 (2004)

Many Spider-man movie (the good movies despite the awful third) fans probably remember this game. Upon being spawned into the gorgeous open world of New York City you are greeted by narrator Bruce Campbell who walks you through the basics of jumping, wall-climbing, and, for the first time, combat, and realistic web swinging which featured webbing that actually attached to the buildings. The combat system was remarkably executed complete with unlockable combos, random mob traps and assaults, and ragdoll physics. The story was a pretty decent reflection of the movies along with side stories that complement  the game surprisingly well with villains including Mysterio, Black Cat, and Rhino along with Doctor Octopus as the lead. Along with the lead story is an endless supply of side quests from stopping a car-jacking to intervening in police versus criminal shootouts. If you have not experienced what I believe is the ultimate Spider-man experience you are surely missing out. Pick it up today!

And now for the most obvious...

GoldenEye 007

I was a late comer to this game. A friend of mine brought it over to my house one day and I tried it. Now, here I am talking about how it is factually the greatest movie tie-in game very made.

This now Nintendo 64 classic was released along side the movie with the same name. Although its poor reception at E3 1997 it received very high critical acclaim and become the third best-selling Nintendo 64 game selling more than eight million units worldwide.

I really shouldn't have to go into too much detail since this has been a staple in pretty much everyone's N64 collection, but, for the sake of those who have not this is for you. Three default difficulties of "Agent", "Special Agent", and "00 Agent" allow you complete the game with a particular set of objectives. The harder the difficulty the stricter the rules are and there are more objectives. You will never play a game more fun than this one to use cheat codes on including an "all guns" cheat which allows you to dual wield everything. C'mon. What's more fun than blowing all the baddies away with dual wield Cougar Magnums? Even if you manage to get tired of the single player there is a full fledged multiplayer which, surprisingly, was a last minute add to the game before release! Here's to the game that had young kids and college kids getting together around a Nintendo 64 to duke it out in Facility.

Great movie tie-in games. It may never happen again, but if it does we will be ready.