It was a cold Christmas set it in rural Connecticut in the 1980s. My mother and my uncle were frantically opening their Christmas presents. Lo, and behold, among the gifts was a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System. Anyone who has had the privilege to own a NES knows it has a very distinct smell. It smells great to me if I were totally honest.

Anyway, that console lasted from the early 1980s till approximately 1999. However, not more than a year later my father came home with a brand new PlayStation. Games included were Crash Bandicoot and Namco Museum Vol. 3. During my early childhood, I had a blast playing the classics like Dick Tracey, Mike Tyson's Punch-out!!, Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet among other great games. While many may have broken or replaced their own NESs and PlayStations with newer consoles, my consoles live on well kept and fully functional, besides the NES which perished with age.

If you are between the age of 17 to 24 and recently forked out a good chunk of your savings for a brand new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, PlayStation 4 in my case, you may or may not have realized that you purchased your son/daughter's first game console. But, alas, not everyone knows how to make their consoles last past the first few months of use. Believe me, I've seen it. Sometimes this can be attributed to poor ventilation in early models (Xbox 360) or just plain mistreatment. Regardless whatever falls your way, I will give you the best advice I can to ensure that your console(s) will last as long as they possibly can. I currently own a PlayStation One, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and a PlayStation 4. Each are the first and only model I have owned. Throughout their life spans I have made sure to treat them like they are expensive...because they are. Here are a few things that you can benefit from:

Console Placement

Temperature your PlayStation on drugs...

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to any electronic device is proper ventilation and cooling. The best favor you can do for your console is not put it in front of your radiator or water heater or anything else spews heat. My consoles are kept in my basement which is regularly below 70 degrees with a dehumidifier running to help control moisture buildup in the air. Keeping your console in a room temperature environment is good. Keeping it in a below room temperature environment is best. Please use your common sense to determine how below is, well, too below.


Along with ventilation comes where you choose to place your console. Do you habitually throw your dirty clothes over it? Do you place your expensive console on the rug where it can overheat? Is your console hidden in your dresser drawer? Each of these examples are examples of bad console placement. Consoles should be placed where in can properly "breathe". If it is kept in some sort of entertainment center make sure that at least the back of the entertainment center has an open back.

If you have more of a glass or display kind of entertainment center be sure it is neatly set up in a manner that is not cluttered. If you have neither of these, but a dresser perhaps, keep the console on top of the dresser where it will be less likely to be covered by laundry or anything else that gets collected on a floor. Basically, you do not want your console on a surface that conducts heat nor do you want it in a place where overheating is a constant hazard.

You know, a little like this...

Wherever you choose to put your console, DO NOT keep it on the floor even if it is not rug. People could step on it. People could spill things on it. People could trip over it which can cause it to get launched about the room resulting in you getting mad at everyone else but the person responsible: YOU!

The same rules apply to your disk-based games. Keep them on a bookshelf or anywhere else on a object that is supposed to sit on the floor. Also, ALWAYS put the disk back where the belong. This is for oyur own good. Your disks are significantly less likely to get scratched when they are put back in their cases. Unbelievable, right?

Regular Cleaning

Clean your room, you filthy animal.

Keep the Area Clean

If you keep your room, living room, or family room clean, the chances are your console area will also be clean. I highly recommend you not placement drinks or food on top of or near your console or controller. Ever wonder why your controller sticks or because really slick? It's because either you eat while you play or you do not have the gust to tell your friends not to eat when they use your controllers.

Clean Your Console Regularly

Tying in with overheating is keeping your console clean. You'd be surprised how dust buildup over time can effect the expensive life of your precious console. Dust the outside of your console regularly. Try once every two weeks. Use pressurized air cans for your consoles to get the dust out form the inside of your console. The dust inside your console effects ventilation especially.

Remember when you had to blow on your cartridges to get them to work? There is a real science as to why that method really works. When you blow, traces amounts of spit can be found. When these small amounts of spit contact the pins inside the cartridges and you put the cartridge back into the console, the moisture strengthens the electrical currents that are used when signals are passed and received from the console and cartridge.

Remember when consoles had disk drives with trays that went in and out? Well, now we have disk drives that practically eat our disks then spit them back out when we say so. Believe it or not these areas collect dust as well. Clean with care using a Q-tip.


Avoid using corrosive and/or strong cleaning products. They can ruin the outside of the console. That's double for the inside of the console. Ultimately, it is up to you how you keep your devices. This is merely advice. This is how my expensive goods that I worked hard for have managed to keep running after several years. Obviously the PlayStation has not been around as long as the PlayStation 4, but if you take care of them equally well and consistently well, they will last you a lifetime.