Alright full disclosure, I went Ps3 and Wii this generation. But I don't think that entirely disqualifies my opinion on this. Xbox One; it seems like the worst console ever made... ever!


I'm serious, the only parallels I can draw, are maybe to the Wii, which bypassed technical prowess, internet options, and complex comprehensive controls. But even that system was chasing the vague promise of motion controls. Xbox One's business plan seems to be just screw the consumer.


Always online, and no used games.

Like, just one of these things is pretty much a deal breaker in itself. But they went the full Monty. You kind of have to respect that, almost.


My main problem here, it it's like you don't even own your system or your games. You don't have internet? Congratulations, for system, and your hundreds of dollars worth of games are basically expensive bricks.

Bought a bad game? Take that $60 hit full on. Can't afford to drop about $600 a year on your bobby? Too bad. Xbox servers down? Lol.


So the question remains, what the hell is Microsoft thinking? Do they really think consumers aren't going to do one iota of research to figure out Sony is providing pretty much the exact same product minus the BS?


I can't wrap my mind around it... it's just like with Nintendo repeating their own admitted mistake of not making the Wii technologically competitive last generation and then doing the same thing with the Wii U....


Wait, I've got it!


Doesn't it seem like Nintendo and Microsoft have both taken a dive for this generation? Well, what if this is not just huge, ridiculously stupid business decisions, and that IS actually the case?


It's hard to believe, but it makes so much sense... we have really underestimated these guys, people. Nintendo and Microsoft are actually not incompetent, they're actually unmatched humanitarians!


Think about it, what giant video game company has been going through a real tough time lately?




Ten years ago, Sony was on top of the world. By far, the richest company in all gaming. Now, Nintendo could buy the entire company in a heart beat with just it's bank balance, with the company worth less than 10% of what it used to be.


In fact, without a hit this generation, Sony is at serious risks of becoming the next Sega.


So what do it's fierce rivals do? In a stunning show of compassion and good sportsmanship, Nintendo and Microsoft have taken a dive for their Peer!


It just goes to show you, billion dollar companies do care! About each other.

So, do the right thing, and don't let these beautiful companies sacrifice go in vain. When November comes around, buy a PS4!


I think I'm going to buy a Wii U though. I know I know, take your own advice, hypocrite! But, since Nintendo forgot to let Platinum Games in on the plan, I have no other way to play Bayonetta 2! Sorry!


So please soldier on without me brave people, do what Microsoft and Nintendo want, send your money to Sony and help it get back on it's feet!