Well that's the end folks. I'll do one last mini update once everyone records their final tallies, but I believe we've hogged the blog page long enough. I'd like to thank everyonbe who participated, and congratulate the two winners of our raffle: GoldvsSilver and TurdFurgy! To everyone else, great job, and I hope to see you back this October when I'll be doing this crazy contest once again.


Our top contenders-


1.- Romars202129- 35 miles

2.- Saint- 28.5 miles

3.- Keyes-  25 miles

I'm proud to say we ran/biked/walked a total of 158.5 miles between our seven contestants. Well earning the measly goal of a mere 120 miles. I under estimated you guys! Thanks for your efforts.


Original story- 


Project Run 2, the search for a Wall, is officially a go! Begin stretching, carbo loading, warm up exercises, restarting gym memberships, charging ipods, lacing expensive shoes. Cancel social activities, 4th meals, afternoon naps, and sleeping in. Avoid couch, sofa, bed, recliner and/or hammocks. Find stopwatch, pedometer, sweatband, that weird armband that holds your ipod in place....


Marry pain, boff greatness, kill comfort, it's run time baby!


[Thanks 1986rich]


Welcome everybody to our second bi-annual runners' event! Hope I've managed to help motivate you with that little ice breaker, or at least give you a chuckle.

If you were with us last year, you should know exactly what we're doing and how we're doing it. If you're new, here's the rundown one last time;


1. Run, walk or bike your butt off all week til saturday.

2.Post your accomplishments daily here on this updating blog.

3. Win, maybe a prize, maybe just a good feeling. Either way, win.


And here's the prizes as they stand right now for our random raffle: one $20 xbox Live card, and one $20 PSN card. Collection is simple, you win, I pm you the numbers. More prizes may be donated as we get into it though. [not that this should be your motivation, it's just gravy, I think we can mostly agree?]


Before I sign off for today, and leave you to post your goals and accomplishments in the comments, I'd like to leave you all with one extra community challenge. I want to see us run 120 collective miles this week! Surely, some of us will run some freak show distances here, but that doesn't mean we're not all in this together, people! Let's push it to the limit and rock our neighboring roads, trails, and treadmills like a thunder storm straight outta hell!



                                          Happy runnings people. And mind your safety!