Hello all you gamers out their, I'm here representing Project Run's Group and we're inviting you to run with us next week. Our generous leader TurdFurgy has offered up some free Project RUN themed gear, and I'm offering up a couple ps3 games in a raffle we're doing open to any participants [I be willing to add more stuff if people don't have ps3s]. Check out the details below:



 It's a simple event promoting healthy living and maybe a little not so healthy competition.

Participation is simple: Next week, Monday through Saturday, just find some time to jog or run, or even bike. Keep track of your miles and post them to our official miles challenge blog to chart your progress. And maybe also to compete with the other members, but never forget that you're really just competing with yourself. Any body can win the raffle btw.


Especially since we have no way to actually confirm your accomplishments.



Anyway, I'm well aware that our top contender may just be one amazing individual with the uncanny ability to type a one and a lot of zeros before the word 'miles'. Everyone, please conform to the honor system as best you can!

Anyway, here's the exact breakdown of the contest:


1. Prepare all you can by next week. By practicing, charting your route or method, and researching. Perhaps join our group [ http://www.gameinformer.com/run/default.aspx ] and review our 'Tips to running' guide too. You can also post any questions you have here, or at the group.


2. Find our official 'Project RUN Miles Contest' blog which will be posted next Sunday night, October 16th, and use it to post your results on a day to day basis. [If your biking these miles, please make note of it. For fairness, 3 miles by bike = 1 by foot].


3. Run your ass off all week, til Saturday.


4. Check back that Sunday[October 23rd] for our final blog update and bask in your bragging rights. You've earned them. Or you lied, whatever. If you can feel pride from that, I say go for it honestly.

… Don't do it.


Okay, well what do you think? You guys up for a little exercise? A little whatcha might call self improvement? ... Running with us or what? Sound off at the bottom. And here's the link to our group again- http://www.gameinformer.com/run/default.aspx

Keep in mind, this contest is aimed at both beginners and experts. Everyone of every skill level is more than welcome. Let's focus on pushing ourselves above all else.