Its an understatement to say there are many great games out there, but we know that all the games we know and love wouldn't exist or would suck if it weren't for the developers that put their blood, sweat, and tears into whatever game they are making. It only seems right that they get the praise they deserve. Here's the second part of this series. (reminder: these are in no particular order.





This one shouldn't come as a surprise. With great games like Half-Life and Left 4 Dead, how couldn't you like them? My appreciation is for one game series though, namely, Portal. This is my favorite game of all time, the story, setting, and characters, all magnificent. Given my age, and good parents, I have not played the other great games that they've made. When I'm able to, I'm sure that will only solidify my love for Valve.


Level 5


A studio you might not have heard of, this developer made the Professor Layton games for the DS. All the games in this series were made very well, with interesting puzzles and characters all around. This series was important because it was the first time I had a emotional moment with the ending of a game (Unwound Future). I'm sure the series will only get better with The Mask of Miracle installment for the 3ds. 


Texas Retro Studios


This studio was tasked with the task of reviving the Metroid series after a generation long hiatus. They definitely succeeded. They put out three amazing first person Metroid games, with beautiful worlds and music, and crazy looking enemies. They even revived the Donkey Kong country series successfully for the Wii last year. I hope they are working on another Metroid game right now.

Hal Laboratory


This little developer put out the incredibly successful Super Smash Bros series for three generations. Each installment was better than the last. It is a fun beat-em-up, the best party game I've played. It was so good it spawned off a Sony look alike, Playstation All Start Battle Royale. I hope they can speed up the development of the 3ds and Wii U versions.

So, those are my favorite developer at this minute. They might change in the next few months, or not. Thanks for reading!