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Coming Home

Life is not the same anymore here in Panau and I’m glad my assignment is over. In
fact, it’s become total chaos. Buildings on fire. Anarchy on the streets. I can’t go
anywhere without something exploding. However, it’s been an unbelievable ride. I
can’t wait for my next assignment.

Before I left, I made sure I get the most out of my expense account and "saved myself" to one of the outer islands. Oh, it's hard living. Here's a view OF my bungalow with a view :-)

...and here's the view FROM the bungalow:

And here is where I spent all day laboring and working and punishing myself over this tough assignment:

It was a rough life. But now I'm back and I brought something to share. Follow this link and enter my contest for a chance to spend time in beautiful Panau. Make sure to send me a post card. Cheerio!