Today I witnessed the most amazing car theft ever. Clearly, something like this can only happen in a place like Panau. I was in a taxi on my way to a location photo shoot in Tasik Jernih, when out of nowhere I hear this loud crash and the car’s top caves in. Both the cabbie and I are screaming bloody murder until we realize that someone had jumped onto our car! (Wait, it gets better) I lean out the window and this crazy person then proceeded to shoot some kind of grappling device from his arm and into the car in front of us. Then, (wait for it) he pulls himself on top the next car (!), pulls out the driver and jumps into the driver’s seat, all the while never dropping below the maximum speed limit!!! This has to be the craziest car jacking ever! And because I know nobody will ever believe me, here’s a shaky snap shot I was able to take. I can’t believe it. What’s next? People riding airplanes?!?!!