Ok here is my take on the top 10 games of all time. Meaning that number one would be the best going from 10-1.

 10) BIoshock

 This game was a step forward for gamers everywhere. It had amazing gameplay and most important a meaningful plot. I personally can't wait for the second installment Bioshock 2.

 9) Civilization Revolution

 This was a game that could be played time and time again and it never gets old. The game doesnt have a solid plot but it is the best strategic game I personally have ever played.

 8) Borderlands

 This game was recently released and gamers everywhere were rushing to their nearest carrier to grab this masterpiece with thousands of weapon combinations and open world gameplay this game is a classic with a gameinformer solid rating of 9.25

 7)Super Mario 64

 This game was originally released for the Nintendo 64 and was a hit everywhere from its replayable missions to its vast worlds this game was a classic. It was also recently released again for the Nintendo DS

 6)Assassins Creed 2

 This was one of few games which you could play for hours, beat the main story, and then free roam and pick off any single roaming guard. With the great selection of weapons to the great cities this game is easily one of the greatest games ever.

 5)The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

 At first the game was on the downlow but then people started playing it more and more and the word spread. This game was amazing with great boss battles to its amazing backstory this game was a classic from the start in my own opinion they hve never made a zelda game like this one.

 4) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

 From the first night of release this game was a hit selling thousands as the clock hit 12:00. The multiplayer is stunning and the ranking system is the greatest ever created. This game is one of the best and will keep being played for years to come.

 3) Kingdom Hearts 2

 Amazing plot, great characters, crazy backstories. This game head everything it was replayable, and had the greatest collection of characters ever. The story from this game is known everywhere and is loved by many, and the game will always stay one of the greatest games of all time.

 2) Halo 3

 Some might disagree with me as putting this game as number 2 but I made no mistake this game is still one of the most played games on Xbox live after being released for so long. With it's vast maps this game has amazing multiplayer and can be played anytime and get this YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS that is one of the greatest ideas in gaming history, or Bungie at least executed it just right.

 1) Final Fantasy VII (7)

 And finally number one Final Fantsy VII. Most people will agree with me here that this game is the best game ever created. From it's great boss battles, to the undefeatable sephiroth, this game is amazing. Roam wherever you like, fight who you want, hey you might want to get some of the story done first. This game just had to be number one on my list. Square Enix made the right decision making this game. Not to mention the biggest emotional breakdown for fans everywhere when Aeris the love of clouds life dies.

 I know my blogs aren't really read alot but comment if you think I was accurate.