To start I DO NOT  reflect my opinions against Hughes Net and these are my OPINIONS nothing else.

A couple of months ago me and my family had purchased the High Speed internet connection from Hughes Net. I was all excited and I was so eager to just lock myself in my room for about 2 days and play my 360 and what do you know the internet isn't compatible with Xbox Live. CRUSHED thats the only word that can describe my pain as I watched my Xbox stay at the signing in window.

Yea think it looks all high tech' its NOT I pay almost 60 dollars for this and it doesn't do the one thing I longed for forever.

So after I figured this out I went online to see if they had information. I went to the support area and you will never guess what it said "We do not give support on any video game counsel" Punch the computer thats what I wanted to do

Well this is RIPxTitan givin a heads up to all you helpless souls that might make the biggest mistake of you're life

If you prove my statement false or you know how to make it work just contact me under