When you think of the Need for Speed series, a lot of things come to mind. Of course, speed, hot, exotic cars, cops, chases, etc. are the things that come to mind.  Ghost Games definitely says true to the things that have made Need for Speed one of the premier racing series when one thinks of the racing genre. This is one of Electronic Arts yearly releases.

What constitutes a great racing game? For me, action, speed, handling, and exotic cars just to name a few things.  These things keep things interesting, imho! Some people would agree with me.  While, others may disagree with me on a few criteria when it comes to what makes a great racing game. 

When you think of racing, you think of fast cars, high speed cases, eluding the police, & tweaking your car to meet your expected specifications.  Racing is one genre that never gets old. 

The question is has Rivals changed the Need for Speed formula?  My answer is that the Need for Speed formula has been tweaked, imho!  For me, this game has caused me to be interested in the series again.  They made the game as though you can either decide to play " good guy, bad guy". Most people will probably" choose the bad guy, or the racer mode.  Some will try the good guy, or cop mode.

For me, I tried both. I felt more compelled to try the racer mode. It was just more contoured towards my style of play. That's fast, loose, and wild. In playing three levels/chapters, I have unlocked a Mustang, Porsche Cayman S, and a Dodge Challenger/Charger.
For me, my favorite car is the Porsche Cayman S.

With each mode, you have a set of criteria that you have to meet before you can advance to the next level.  Once, a new level is unlocked with it, you get a new car.  Each car you can upgrade your car with personalization and equipment upgrades. 

Finally, if I had to rate the game, I would rate it the following:

Controls: 9/10
Handling: 9.5/10
Customization: 10/10
Racing 10/10
Cars  10/10

Overall 10/10 I would HIGHLY recommend this game to those who are hardcore/casual racing fans; those who are looking to burn rubber at high speeds.