Ghosts or no Ghosts?  This game is aptly titled.  I am playing on the hardened level to being with.  I wanted somewhat of a challenge.  The AI definitely rises to the occasion as usual. The enemy doesn't know what has hit them until its too late.  The first few missions are cool.  They just throw you into the thick of things.  The controls run smoothly.  Just hate that the cutscenes are short; they happen to add to the backstory with each new mission.

Your teammates are cool.  They don't say much, as always with COD cast.  Their commitment to the mission speaks volumes as with the previous entries in the game. 

Some people will have to tweak their controls as I did.  I went with a tactical-lefty setup.  For the sprinting, I found it easier to go with this setup than default.  This holds especially true if you're playing on the harder levels.

The stealth missions take a few runs before you get it right.  If you're like me where stealth isn't exactly your FORTE, then you have to be patient & figure out a strategy.  When you get the hang of it, you will breeze through the missions where stealth is key.    The key is knowing when to attack the enemy its best to wait on them before you move.  You don't move so quick that you botch the mission.

As for the weapons, automatics are essential to the success of any mission.  Personally, I prefer sniper rifles & assault weapons.  At times, you have to pick up the enemy' weapons to know which weapons you will want to keep or get rid of as the mission progresses. 

Overall, I have played through the first two & a half missions.  I can say that the gameplay is smooth, the controls are smooth; overall it's a smooth experience.  For some, they/you may have to change your button layout to suit your playing style.  This holds especially true when you have to crouch, jump, or sprint. 

Note:  Configure the buttons until you find the optimal layout for you; the default layout WILL NOT work for everyone.  This game isn't like the previous entries; the layout that you have played with in the past MOST LIKELY will not suffice for you to be successful in the current entry.

Gameplay: 9.5/10

They need a directional setting built-in like with ME3 when you get lost or are unsure where to go next. 

Controls 9/10 

Again, go with the layout that works for you;  this may take some T&E before you find the optimal setting for you. 

Visuals 10/10               

AI 10/10                 

Its COD, what more could you ask for?

The controls need some work in terms of what the developer can offer the players.  Not everyone can play on the default setting.  There needs to be a custom setting developed in the future fps.  

The gameplay is good; there needs to be a directional arrow or something built-in if you don't get to a certain point determined by the code within the game in a set time.  This will help those of us who get lost in an area where everything starts to blend together.

Here is a clip of some of the gameplay from Ghosts. Its taken from the "Brave New World" walkthrough.

This is ONLY for the single-player campaign.  The multi-player has NOT been included into the factoring of the overall score of the game.

Overall Score: 9/10

Addendum:  It has come to my attention that I have left off a few things.  I didn't want to include any spoilers.  The main characters are Hesh & Logan.  They are kids that have seen the effects of a nuke-like event.  They are stalwarts to the cause of defending their homeland from the enemy, known as The Federation. As for the main story its engaging from the beginning & the cutscenes definitely add to the story.