Wasn't sure what my next blog topic should be.  After talking with Juanolo,, mr. Dr. Professor Juanolo now, I have an idea. 

You're probably asking what my topic is.  Some are probably thinking another ME3 blog, since I have been playing that game non-stop, or something to do with ME2, wrong again.  Maybe a preview blog for COD Ghosts. Again, you're SO WRONG! 

My topic has nothing to do with video games.  I decided to write about my favorite top 5 actors/actresses. With that being said, let me start my list.  This list is in no certain order. These are my top five. I will list the person, which film(s) they have been in that I like the most, & what qualities/characteristics from those films make them qualified to make this list.

5. Larenz Tate

If you have not seen Dead Presidents or Ray(he had a cameo appearance), then we have nothing to discuss.  This dude takes a role & turns it on its head.  He embodies a character better than anyone I know in the film industry, imho! 

Favorite Movie: Menace to Society


4. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington the epitome of cool, suave, debonair, control, command, etc.  He has played in many films; three come to mind.  American Gangster, it showed his ruthlessness.  Remember The Titans, being able to go against the odds even when people didn't like you or wanted you nowhere near them. Lastly, we have The Book of Eli, never thought I'd see Denzel play a "religious" role; he pulled it off in that "Denzel" manner.

Favorite Movie: Remember The Titans



3.  Meryl Streep

I had to break up the monotony.  This lady has chops, The Iron Lady, & the Devil Wears Prada.  She embodies a sense of self with the former, diplomacy, regalness, etc.  As with the latter, she shows a rougher side in the beginning; then she softens up, shows emotions, yet knows when to play in between the lines or go outside the box.   

Favorite Movie: Devil Wears Prada



Disclaimer:  I had a hard time deciding who should be first between these two fine actors.  Each has that "something" that could have landed them in the top spot.  There was one thing that set one apart from the other.  You'll see when you read further down.  If you don't want to know, then you can stop reading.  If curiosity has got the best of you, keep reading. 

2.  Al Pacino

Al Pacino the name strikes fear in younger actors.  This guy is a legend in the business.  His repertoire is too long to mention here.  What is it I like about him when it comes to acting?  His skill, finesse, tone, attitude, & grit that he brings to a role.  Can you add ruthless to this list? He would be in the panthenon of great actors, imho!

Favorite Movie: Scarface


1. Robert DeNiro

What qualities/qualifies DeNiro to make the top of the list?  Several things, imho!  It's his body of work, his skills, what he brings to every role, his grit, personality, style, likability, etc. There are several movies that DeNiro has played in, Casino, The Godfather: Part 2, Goodfellas, Meet the Parents, etc. The film that stands out is my favorite of him.

Favorite Movie: Casino


These are my top five.  Do you agree, disagree, or think that another film should have been chosen?  Please leave a comment, I enjoy reading your thoughts on my blogs it helps me grow as a blogger.  Thanks in advance!