I have been playing thru Mass Effect 3.  It's a huge difference between it & Mass Effect 2.
First, the opening scenes & first few battles play out way different than they did in ME2.

For clarification purposes, Mass Effect 2 will be referred to as ME2 from here on out; Mass Effect 3 will be referred as ME3.

Where do I begin with this blog?  I love the opening scenes of ME3, if you have yet to play this game the opening scenes draw you in way better than ME2.  Spoiler:  The Reapers attack the Council & planet Earth & in doing so most people on Earth end up dead.  As evidenced by the Youtube video seen below.



From this unprompted attack, we learn why the Reapers have come back to Earth & finish what they started.  Like, with ME2, Cmdr. Shepherd has to recruit the world's best help him defeat he Reapers once & for all OR can he? 

I love the gameplay, it took some getting used to playing the vanguard class.  I'm still working out some minor quirks on my end.  I like playing with the vanguard because I get to knock out my enemy or at least stall them & advance with stealth-like quickness.  Also, the weaponry that comes with the vanguard class is wicked.  This tactic works well when dealing with the husks & the brute too.  So far I have been using just the pistol & submachine gun to defeat my enemy.  I'm sure as I progress further I will change up my strategy from run & gun to more tactical & somewhat stealthy. 



As for the missions so far they have not been too challenging.  I know as with ME2, things are bound to change.  So far I have completed the following missions:

  • Earth: The War Begins


The opening scenes of this game are gripping & they draw you in. After seeing it, you know you want to see more. It just pulls you in, although you don't know the whole story. This scene in the opening video gives you a brief glimpse into the ME3 storyline; what's in store to come.



Somewhere in between missions, you meet with the Council & you have a very heated yet intense discussion as to what to do about the Reapers.  The Council is made up of intergalactic personnel that you have had the pleasure/displeasure of meeting. 

Sorry for the sentences being chopped off.  I will do another blog when I get further in.  I will have the last two parts seen at the bottom of the blog on my next blog. 

  •    Mars: Race to the Archives
This mission helped reengage me with what I lost in ME2; what things I am looking for to be successful in ME3. The Mars missions was challenging in parts.  The end of the missions maybe easy for some and challenging to others, you may to take a few cracks at it to move on. 

  •   The Citadel: Part 1
SPOILER: Here is where you recruit Dr. Chakwas. She will come in hand later in the game.  I'm just saying!  

  •        Menae: A Primarch in Peril
This is where the fun begins.  You really get to learn your weaponry & part of your crew here. You also fight against husk & a few brutes.  These things are something; not difficult to take down.  Lastly, you meet with Victus.
This video just shows what you go thru on the planet Menae.  You may have to go further than the 12 minute mark to get to view the battle with the brutes.

Highlight to read. SPOILER: You meet up with an old friend, Garrus.

The following are the next few missions that I will be completing:
  •   Eden Prime: Prothean Artifact
  •  The Citadel Part 2


The game is one that will stick with you from beginning to whereever you are within the game.  The characters are memorable, the opening scene captivates you.  It has a way of keeping you hooked; wanting to know more as you continue learning more about people's ulterior motives. 

Gameplay: 10/10

Controls: 9.5/10

Class: Vanguard

Weapons: 10/10

Character Interaction: 10/10