When you think of a great game several things come to mind.  In this blog we will look at what makes a great game.  There will be three games that most of the GIO community in some shape, form, or fashion is familiar with.  You may be asking what inspired this blog.  Several things: 1. it's been on my mind for a while, 2. I had to be done eventually, and 3. I think you will like what I have to say. 

You maybe are wondering which three games and what criteria I will be using.  I'm not going to tell you so soon.  I will say whatever you're thinking it may or may not be discussed in this blog. 

Here are the criteria that I am using:

You may be wondering why I started with this & not something else.  This is what makes or breaks a game, imho!  The storyline has to interesting enough at least for a quick playthrough.  What separates a good game from a great game is the storyline.  Some storylines are cookie cutter.  You know the type.   It seems as though you could have written the background story for the game. 

You may be wondering what a cookie cutter game is, the majority of the military shooters are.  I hear the comment section now.  Hear me out!  Battlefield has its pros/cons.  I'm not referring to them or the Medal of Honor games.  I am referring to those COD games that were created by the Infinity Ward team.  Yes, those guys.  They did an ok job; the formula never changed from game to game, just the location changed. 

Now, that we have what makes a good game, let's look at what a great game is.  An example of great, with no questions asked!  The Mass Effect series is an example of what constitutes a great series.  As for the game, it would be a tossup for me between Mass Effect 2/3.  They used a storyline that was threaded through three games with minimal changes made in between each game.  If there was a change it wasn't so MAJOR that it took away from each game let alone the overall series. 

Character Interaction
Character interaction means a lot in certain games.  This especially holds true within the RPG, (role-playing games).  Many games have good character interaction.  The genre that comes to mind is fighting games.  They do a good job at showing character interaction through a backstory of some kind. 

As for the RPG genre its ripe for the section of my blog.  RPGs have well developed character interaction.  This can be evidenced in both Max Payne 3 & Mass Effect 2.  The character interaction that is seen within both of these games is unparalleled & in my humble opinion, very few games stand up to their respective bodies of work. 

With Mass Effect 2, you can see the character interaction starting from the opening scenes of the game.  It only gets progressively better as the game speeds along.  There are moments when the dialogue/character interaction gets stale.  Those moments are few & far between. 



If anyone disagrees, please share your viewpoint or opinion in the comments section.

Next topic of discussion is weaponry.  There are several games that come to mind when discussing this topic.  I will stick mainly to the first/third person shooters, and the RPG categories.  They each have their own set of weapons.  Between, first/third person shooters, I would say that the better weapons are with the third person shooter games.  Especially when talking about both Max Payne 3 & Mass Effect 2/3. 
The wealth of weapons in ME2, like the Javelin, the particle arc gun, or even some of the sniper rifles are cool to work with.  With weapons it's just nice to have some choice and diversity in which weapons you can choose for which mission you're going on.  The same can be seen in the Max Payne 3 game. 
I think that weapons speak for themselves.  It depends on the game and how you react to each level or mission which is key in how you choose your weapon(s).  Anyone else agree with me?

There's not much to say here.  I will say that controls like character interaction can make or break a game.  For example with the Battlefield series the controls can be confusing at times for some people.  This will cause them to get frustrated and not continue with said series. 
Unlike, on the other hand, with Max Payne 3, or Mass Effect 2, those controls were easy to learn from the beginning and if you had any issues you could configure the controls to your liking.  Most shooters only give you some many options to customize your controls for playing said game. 

Where do I begin?  Gameplay is one topic that can have several different directions for a blog.  For our purposes we will be sticking with the generalities.  Gameplay consists of length of game, options, various missions, etc.  Length of game is something that is dictated by the options that the game gives you within the constraints of the game.  The various missions can make or break a game.  For the most part the missions help add to a great game.  They also give more light to what the creators of the game were going for.  Gameplay can bring out all types of emotions in people.  Be it, anger, frustration, happiness, joy, etc.  The range of emotions that gameplay encompasses is endless. 

What you think makes for a great game it vary.  The prior criteria is what I consider to be the things that encompass what makes up a great game.  You're asking what that criteria is, its the following:  storyline, character interaction,  storyline,  weapons,  controls, and gameplay.  These are the things that make up a great game.  The criteria is what sets a good game from a great game.  Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog & I'd like to hear your thoughts in the comments section.  Thanks again for reading!