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As new look for new games to play, we usually start asking around as to which games and genres.  The usual questions or commentary that gets asked is which platform do you play on?    My friend Juanolo suggested Mass Effect 2 & I am happy that he did so.  With his help I managed to make it through the game.  When you come across a great game you want to blog about it.  Here’s the interview I did with Juanolo. 

What were your favorite characters in the game?
Hmmm, my favorite would probably Thane. As in who really drew me in, the characters who did that the most were Thane, Jacob, and Garrus. If I had to choose who would go with me on a mission, I'd usually always go with Thane, and take turns using Jacob, Garrus, and other people on board the Normandy.

Thane instantly had me. Not because that kill he did, but when he spoke. He's not your ordinary Assassin. Then, he revealed something. His disease. I couldn't believe it. He was easily one of the coolest members on Shepherd’s team. Plus, what really had me was his loyalty mission. He hadn't seen his son for so long, and he has to stop him before he follows his father's footsteps, and reveal his disease. It was tough. I think it's great that even though he has a year to live, he thinks he owes it to hi self to join my cause. That's a great person right there.

Jacob was the first crew member I'm introduced to after the Normady was destroyed in the beginning. He seemed like a loyal crew member that I'd probably like. Turns out, he's one of the most loyal out of all the Crew members. Hardly mouths back, and will follow you all the way.

Just like Thane, I loved Jacob's loyalty mission. There was a chance his father was alive, but as you went through, you see his father was a monster. When Jacob and his father meet, and it was another tough moment.

It Garrus. What's to say other then awesome. When I first meet him, Shepard and Garrus knew each other. I was happy he was on my side. He was just another great addition to my team. He was never negative like Jacob, and always helpful. If you could have a 3 man crew when you go on a mission, Thane, Jacob, and Garrus would be my picks almost all the time.


Which character(s) did you dislike? What about them turned you off?
I liked most characters, but the character that I didn't really like was Jack. Recruiting was pretty cool, and she might be helpful time to time, but overall she was annoying, mouthy, and was just I couldn't really handle her well. Plus her loyalty mission was meh. Not that good at all.

Which missions were your favorite/least favorite missions?
My favorite would easily be the suicidal mission. It was intense, gripping, and very sad at sometimes. It was the mission you've been working on for so long. Getting your troops ready, preparing your ship. Preparing yourself for the task at hand. It could not have been performed more better. If I had to choose a other mission, I would say Thane's loyalty mission followed by Jacob's mission.

Least favorite was the abandoned reaper ship. I hated every single second of it, other then getting out of there. It was creepy, and overall wasn’t that much useful preparing for the big fight.

What’s your playing style, renegade or paragon?  Did you destroy or save the base? 
I think I choose Renegade because my little brother and I have this I side joke about Renegade. When it came to the base, at first I though I only saved the base, but after thinking about it, I think that I had destroyed and saved the base in my play throughs. I would say a combination because I don't go gun blazing. Sometimes you do, but I try to be as quiet as long as I can, and surprise attack everyone.

Other/Misc.? Playthroughs, first time, & classes?
Didn’t really change classes I think. I've played through it a good 3-4 times. The first time was to witness the game, plus I wanted to do everything. All the side mission were accomplished in my first playthrough. A good 25-30 hours. My second was to see how long it was story only. It was 10-12 hours. My third and fourth I let my dad and brother choose, but my dad bailed out, and my brother just wanted me to play the game. Both were about 15-20 hours.


Would you recommend this game or series to someone who has never played an RPG; is it worth playing?

Is it worth playing? Heck yeah it's worth playing. Mass effect 2 was my first RPG, and it was great. I really like the genre now because of ME2. ME2 was perfect for me and one of those few games I could give a 10 out of 10 too. So yeah, I would Highly recommend it.

Big thanks to Juanolo for coming up with this idea; helping me put this together.   Thanks for reading & commenting, do you agree or disagree with Juanolo?  Let us know in the comments.