Time sinks never get old.  I have seen a few blogs on the subject matter.  I thought I'd give my take on time sinks.  Everyone has a different view on what it is that encompasses a time sink. 

Time sinks are those games that you sink the most time into.  It doesn't matter the genre, characters, etc.  What matters is that this game(s) have that "it factor". 

Everyone probably wants to know what my games are that I consider a "time sink" for me. 

If anyone has eyeing my status updates that will give you a small clue as to the choices for my list.

My three games are as follows: 

Max Payne 3
One maybe wondering why choose this game.  Its not necessarily for the single player campaign, in my humble opinion!  For me, it was the various multiplayer modes.  I really enjoyed the Team Deathmatch mode, Gang Wars, & the Large Team Deathmatch. 
Of course, I forgot to mention that this is a Rockstar creation.  This alone garners it a place on my blog.  You can never go wrong with a Rockstar game. Am I right?!

Mass Effect 2
When you think of RPGs, one of the first games or series that come to mind SHOULD BE  Mass Effect.  This game has a great storyline, character interaction,  & a great weapon selection.  The third person mechanics keep you coming back for more.  The missions alone keep you engaged from beginning to end.  The narrative & choice-based game will keep you engaged for hours on end.  Lastly, nothing like exploring planets for minerals, side missions, & certain scenarios other squad members. 

Black Ops Zombie mode
Some maybe wondering why include Zombies on this list.  If you have yet to get acquainted with this addictive mode in the COD series, YOU'RE MISSING OUT!  I believe that this mode speaks for itself.  Why do ask?  It's the quick pace of play.  The camaraderie you get when playing with others as your heart races, zombies stalk you, & u run out of ammo. 

Who doesn't love the fighting genre?  Was trying to figure out what other game I could include in this listing.  You can never go wrong with a Tekken game. Right, right?! The fast-paced action, the controls,  the character lineup, etc. 

If you agree or disagree with this blog, then share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!