For someone that has never played an rpg, a role-playing game, I was a bit apprehensive about buying Mass Effect 2. 

After talking with various people in the GIO community, Juanolo, Nik Davidoff, and others I decided to get the game; I am happy that I did.

When I think of role-playing, for me, the term sci-fi comes to mind.  This is what you have in the Mass Effect 2 video game. But, it is not the only element of the game.  The publisher is Electronic Arts, they are known for great action/shooter genre type games.  This is what Mass Effect 2 is.  The elements of the game consist of role-playing and shooter genres combining for a very addictive gaming experience.

For me, I have completed first eight acts.  Some things I have noticed are the following: the levels are easy to navigate, and the weapons selection is good; the character rapport helps move the gaming experience along. 

A few things I would change is having more than two characters to fight alongside.  But, given the constructs of the series, the two man team works well.  As for the power wheel, more games need to institute this feature into their games. 

Here is a clip of the opening of Mass Effect 2.

Among the eight acts I have completed, I think the most challenging so far for me is Act 6, The Archangel dossier.  What made this such a pain for me was knowing how to take down Tarak's gunship.  Another issue I had was fighting off the enemy (the Blue Sun soldiers) when attacking Tarak's gunship.  These guys can be a real headache if you let them get the best of you in terms of overstepping your bounds. 

You can evidence the battle with Tarak here.

I think what made it confusing is that at times you had to know how to hack the safe.  For someone like me it was something that took a few tries especially because it's a timed sequence.

I will say that after a while you begin to understand the pattern & it becomes second nature to you.

The link below is to give you an idea of how the hacking sequence goes.  For some as seen in the video you get it on the first timed try.

To sum things up I would recommend this game to others.  Especially for those who are considering a game to break into the rpg genre. 

Graphics 10/10    Character Interaction: One-of-a-kind
Controls 9.5/10
Action 10/10         Overall Rating 10/10