Thanks to Juanolo for saying I should do another top 5 bloggers.  Hope you guys enjoy it.

When you think of bloggers, you think of people that just write to write, blog to have something for people to read, etc. 

When you think of blogs and bloggers, you think of social media.  All of these things can be true depending on what your definition of blogs and bloggers consist of. 

My personal definition of a blogger is someone who informs, makes you think about a topic in a different way, or someone who just breathes new life into what some may consider a tired, or overly discussed topic(s). 

The following people I would consider being my personal "Top 5" bloggers in the GIO community.

Darth Carbonite

What can I say?  This guy has a way of giving you information like no other.  His blogs make you think, they make you laugh at times; he has a way of provoking conversation in a way that others can only dream about. 


Trenchmace, where do I begin?  Trench has a way of being thought provoking without even knowing it.  The way that he puts his blogs together are uniquely creative; they are not just haphazardly thrown together.  His subject matter is always something that leaves room for commentary that leads usually leads to further discussion.

Kyle Wadsworth
Not sure what to say about Kyle that hasn't been said by others in the GIO community.  This guy is an exceptional blogger.  Like most on the GI site he needs to post more blogs out like the ones that he produces.  If there was a blog writer' HOF he and Saint would be first ballot candidates. 

His blogs are thought provoking.  Even though he doesn't blog much, the few times that he does blog it leaves you wanting more from this creative mind.

The last person I had some trouble coming up with.  These people that I have included thus far have played an integral part in the blogger that I am working to become. 

John Wrek
John Wrek, I am having trouble trying to find words to describe this great blogger.  Words can't express the quality, content, and thought that goes into his blogs. The thought, content, etc. that goes into his blogs is unmatched by most.  The quality of writing is along the writers' equivalent of Geoffrey Chaucer. Yes, you read that right.  His words just flow off the page without effort but with an ease that most of us have a hard time doing. I hope one day to come close to his level and style of writing. 

The last two people deserve an honorable mention. 

Honorable Mention

J Warrior
The blogs that they write are good; are not in my humble opinion to the quality of the previously mentioned bloggers.  That's not to put them down.  What they offer is unique in its own way & their thoughts and comments that they leave are thought provoking; at times leave you wondering in what direction you should continue the conversation with them. 

The blogs that he writes are unique because they come from a male perspective.  It's always refreshing to see something that makes you think in regards to that other side of the coin.  We need more bloggers like him in the GIO community and within the ranks of creative journalism too.