Thanks in part to Juanolo for helping me to come up with the background for this idea for this blog.  Some of these on the list will be more detailed than others because it has been a minute since I have played said games.

The following blog will be a combined list made up of both first & third person shooters.  Some games will have a favorite mission listed; others won't.

10. Tom Clancy' Ghost Recon Future Soldier
The game was good in that the plot was solid, the gameplay itself was interesting.  The weaponry was unique in that it focused on the future of how the military uses its weaponry to fight wars & gain the upper hand on the enemy.    The characters were entertaining; kept things moving in the right direction.  Sometimes, they could get annoying too.

9. COD Modern Warfare 2
This is the game that started my love affair with the shooter genre.  This was the game that had a lot of controversy due to the No Russian mission.    
Favorite mission: No Russian

8. COD Black Ops
This game was interesting in that they finally took us out of the WW2 era; put us into the Cold War. Way to go Infinity Ward.  There is nothing like dealing with the stealthy missions in this game.  Every game should have at least one like Black Ops had; I digress!
Favorite mission: Vorkuta
If you played the game, then I don't need to say anymore. 

7.  Medal of Honor
This was one of the games that came with my Playstation 3 when I purchased it some time ago.  I was enthralled with the story from the time I pressed start to begin the game.  This game to me was unique in that it was based on a special ops group.  It was different from Call of Duty in that its not necessarily a run & gun game.  At certain points, you had to give some thought into how you play the game or else you would have some really, really long nights.


6.  Killzone 3
This was one of the first games that I played that is a sci-fi shooter.  Its different from Halo to me.  I liked the controls.  The gameplay was smooth; the storyline was decent.  For someone who isn't Big on sci-fis I recommend this game to another gamer. 

5.  MOH: Warfighter
I had to get this sequel and see why it got a bad score according to GI.  I was disappointed by the score; it should have been scored higher; I digress!  The gamepkay was reminiscent of the prequel.  The controls were familiar.  This game picked up where the last one left out; it continued with a Middle Eastern theme in that the gameplay was tight & fierce; in a good way.  This game was engaging; at times some levels were frustrating.


4.   Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
This game was different from other shooters that I have played.  This game was based strictly on sniping.  The premise was good; the gameplay was decent.  The storyline needed something more to help carry it out. 


3.   Battlefield Bad Company 2
What can I say about this game.  A friend recommended me this game, Juanolo.  I am happy that he did.  This game is reminiscent of the previous six games that comprise this list.  It has a bit of each game in its own way; the best part is that it mirrors different wars on each level.  The gameplay is tight & fast.  The controls are smooth; the storyline is one you have to see for yourself.  The musical score suits the game better than most that I have seen.
Favorite mission:

Disclaimer:  These next two games were hard to choose which should get the top spot. Each game has qualities that make them worthy of top billing.  What makes one more deserving than the other, I don't know; I digress!

2.  Spec Ops: The Line
This was a game that I am still playing through periodically.  The gameplay is fast & tight.  If you don't go in with a plan you will get killed before you know what happened.  The storyline is unique in that the setting is the desert and landscape/backdrop of Dubai. 
Favorite mission: The Gate

1.  Max Payne 3
What can I say about Max Payne 3?  This game was just all around addictive.  The multiplayer was fun.  I put plenty of hours into its multiplayer alone.  The single-player campaign was killer, pun intended!  The storyline was unique in that you don't see too many games based on a detective who has a drug & alcohol problem combined.  Max Payne had a trigger finger; he knew how to use it & when to use it.  His downfall was a penchant for painkillers.  Without it, he couldn't survive.

Do you garee or disagree with this list?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.