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My Thoughts on E3!


Below are my thoughts on E3.  These are the presentations that I looked most forward to.  I have given what I thought it terms of games I wanted to see, tried to rate certain areas of each game (I know prematurely done).

Many things should come to mind when someone mentions E3.   My question is what do you think of when you think of E3?  The answer is that you think of the following: gaming galore, gaming nirvana, new releases, news, etc.  So far this year so far has yet to disappoint. 

Below are my thoughts on the respective companies that were represented at E3.  These were the companies that I wanted to know more about in terms of releases, news, etc.

Below are the games that I am excited about in regards to the storied company.

First up on the list of companies I am amped for is EA.  EA is known for providing action, sports games to the masses.  With this presentation, they didn't disappoint.


Need For Speed: Rivals

EA did a decent job.  Showing off Need for Speed definitely got the racing twitch in full effect.  This game will definitely be on my must-have list for next gen console.

Racing has always been the genre that I have enjoyed the most.  For me, the Need for Speed series has fallen off in the past few years.  With the upcoming Rivals entry, they definitely got my attention LOUD & CLEAR.

Here's the link

Rating 9.5/10
Graphics 10/10
Audio 10/10



Then, they showed what looked like a cross between Transformers & Reel Steel. 

Titanfall is a game that will make you want to get PS4 based off of graphics alone; I will have to wait to get a PS4 to get it.  The preview vid for it looks sweet.  The mp aspect is BIG for me.  I haven't found a good mp game since Max Payne 3.  For me, this game looks like it might exceed my expectations of Max Payne 3.

Here is the trailer for Titanfall. You can get the link here.


Next up on the list of companies I want to know more about is Ubisoft .  Hoping they mention R6, Rainbow 6: Patriots.  Considering we haven't heard anything since the Sept. 2012 issue of GameInformer, this game has been hush hush.   Ubisoft not sure what to expect; I know they will deliver. 


At the moment, 6:10pm EST, they are showing the preview video for Splinter Cell Blacklist.  I had wanted to play this game; I suck at stealth games.  For those who enjoy it, this is the game for you. 

Here is the link for Splinter Cell Blacklist.  You an find it here.

Rating 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Audio 10/10


Watch Dogs

This is one game that I have been excited for since it was announced last year at E3.  Now, that we know more you can access the GI preview here.

Rating 9.5/10
Graphics 10/10
Audio 10/10


The Crew

This game just seemed like a rip-off to Need for Speed.  I am not happy with this game. Don't plan to buy it either.

For those who are interested in the game, here is a link.

Rating N/A
Graphics 10/10
Audio 10/10


Considering that they left the best for last, I am guessing that the 15-20 minute wait had something to do with it too.

The last presentation of the night is the most anticipated conference/presentation Sony.  So far Sony has announced that it will continue producing games for the PS Vita/PS3.  Now, just waiting to see what games they plan to release this holiday season. 

Sony definitely made sure that they saved the best for last. 

There was something for everyone, triple A titles, indie games, etc.  Sony has claimed the crown for next gen consoles. 


Below are a few games that I am amped that got some air time tonight.

Gran Turismo 6

After seeing The Crew & Need for Speed. I wonder how GT6 will match up to the others in this fast-paced genre (pun intended). 

I hope they show some gameplay for GT6; it don't look like they will.

Rating: N/A

Graphics: 10/10


Controls: N/A


Must have? Yes., for fans that have followed the series; for newcomers I would say pass. 



Watch Dogs

This is one game that I have been excited for since it was announced last year at E3.  Now, that we know more you can access the GI preview here.


Rating 9.5/10
Graphics 10/10
Audio 10/10

The Last Word:

Sony defintely made sure that their presentation was worth the wait.  With the news given by Mr. Tretton, what more can be said. With mention of PS4 connectivity, not needing to be online 24/7, and the bevy of indie & triple A games.  I think its safe to say Sony has cemented its gaming legacy at this year's conference.  Don't know how they are going to top this next year. 

Lastly Jack Tretton said that online connectivity is not needed for the PS4. Best news of the night. Also, they mentioned that the price-point will be $399.  That is a great price. Considering the previous generation was about $500.  This has catapulted Sony into the lead as the ultimate leader in gaming entertainment.