I just finished playing Spec Ops last night.  Mane, what a finish to a great game.  If you have yet to play it let me point you in the direction of my two previous blogs on the game. 

You can view them both here below:

Demo blog


When you think of Spec Ops, the developers of the game definitely lived up to the game's title and then some.  After playing this game, I am definitely sold on it as my GOTY for 2011. 

The action is spot on from the opening salvo.  It's also gritty & dark.  It differs from CoD in that aspect.  It also plays itself in a way that it will make you think about the choice. 

The characters interact with eachother as though they were comrades/brothers.  The dynamics between them helps carry the game from beginning to end.  The character interaction is something I feel is overlooked by most gamers; this game will have you thinking twice about future games that you're considering.  I'd rate it a 10 too. 

The voice acting lends itself to the game in a way I thought was unique.  Each character feeds off eachother & push eachother in ways that other developers should consider when putting together a game in terms of development. The voice acting was solid; I'd rate it a 10.  I digress!

As for the gameplay, there is nothing that I can say that I have not already said.  As evidenced by my demo blog.  You can also check out my impressions blog too.

The game itself is set in the backdrop of Dubai.  You have the environment which plays a crucial role in how the game turns out.  The developers did a great job in using the surrounding environment to help with the great action scenes and the cut scenes too.

Also,  the moral compass of this game is one that has not been paralleled; I don't think  that too many other developers will able to recreate the experience that Spec Ops has managed to elegantly yet darkly put together, in my humble opinion!

The musical score is one that rivals the best third person shooter & it even gives the first person shooters a run for the money. 

Overall, the game speaks for itself.  I'd rate it a 10/10. No questions asked!  After you play through it, I feel as though you'd say the same.