Wasn't sure if Spec Ops: The Line was the game for me.  After playing the demo; loving what I get from the game. I made sure to get input from various people in the GIO community.  I am happy to say that I made the right decision to purchase this game.

I must say that 2K Games hit the opertaive mark with Spec Ops.

Here's my personal checklist that I expected in the game.

1.  The game controls are easy going & are not glitch but smooth and responsive.

2.  The storyline is one that grabs you from the onset.

3.  The set pieces are unique.

4.  Your supporting cast plays more of a role than just a run & gun like COD.

5.  Strategy is essential in the operation of completing a mission. 

Spec Ops meets all of the above criteria in my book.

As far as the game controls go, they were smooth.  They reacted just like they should have.  There was no lapse or buffering in movement. 

I would rate the controls as a 10/10

Here's a trailer that gives a glimpse of the storyline.

The storyline is unique in the sense that it is taken from a third person perspective.  Most storylines are from a first person perspective & are run & gun pursuits.  For me, this game caught my eye because of the storyline and that the story takes place with Dubai as its backdrop.  This is a definite change of scenery unlike other shooters which focus on Afghanistan, Iran, or Iraq as their backdrop.  Also, it shows how war can affect a person.  You begin to see the change in Capt. Anderson, (the character you play as) in the end of Ch. 3. 

The set pieces are unique to me in that they can explode or dissipate without any notice.  This element of surprise can either work for or against you.  It makes you become accustomed to not being a "sitting duck" for the enemy.  Sometimes, they manage to still get you when you least expect it. 

You supporting cast have your back from the opening salvo of this game.  The few chapters I have played have proven this point quite well.  I currently am a few minutes into Chapter 4.  My team has had to get me out of a few tight spots; I can also use the stun command which allows you to pick off the enemy "sight unseen".  I think more games could use this game tactic.  It helps move things along; it allows you to conserve your ammo; it allows you to advance your position too. 

My last point ties in with my fourth point.  Strategy is essential in this game.  Sure, you have your fair share of times you get picked off by the enemy or your own stupidity.  With the help of your supporting cast can help you plot your strategy when you use the sun command.  This helps point out where enemies are; it doesn't give away your cover.  It's like a stealth feature in other shooter games. 

Overall, Spec Ops lives up to the hype.  I would recommend the game to others; I'd rate it a 9.5/10.