Injustice Gods Among Us lives up to the hype.

The link above is the cinematic opening for the game.  I think this will help drum up interest in the game.  When you think of fighters, you think of the classics, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. 

The former developer of Mortal Kombat, Nether Realm does a phenomenal job with the character arcs, the destructible surroundings, and the use of the various weapons, moves, etc. of each character. 

Here's a launch trailer:

After  downloading the demo, I must say, in my humble opinion,  this demo has exceeded my expectations.  You may be asking what were my expectations. 


Here they are in a nutshell:

1.  The controls are easy to learn.

2.  The character moves are simple yet refined; they don't look jerky; they are sleek and polished.

3.  The surroundings can be used to pummel your opponent.

4.  This game should have been out by now, imho!

As for gameplay, the storyline follows the comics to an extent.  The story arc is unique in that our greatest comic book heroes have taken a turn for the darker side.  This is something I thought I would never see being done.  I am happy so far with how the demo has progressed.     I'm looking forward to learning more about the gameplay from the GI review.

Here is a link for the various moves that each player has.

The controls are your typical fighter controls.

Lastly, the character selection is unparalleled for the game.  See link

Overall,  I think this maybe an early GOTY contender. 

Rating: 9/10