A lot of things come to mind when you think of the shooter genre.  You think of categorization:, first-person versus third-person.  You also think of weapons choice, customization, etc.  Other things that come to mind are set pieces, storylines, graphics, and other details that may make or break a game.

Some maybe wondering what game am I going to give my thoughts on.  I decided to get Killzone 3.  I'm not a huge fab of the sci-fi genre like some gamers are.  After playing the demo, I decided to give the game a try. 

The sci-fi genre is one that has really been neglected outside of the Halo franchise.  

Here's a clip of the single-player gameplay.

ack to the matter at hand.

My thoughts on Killzone 3 are as follows:

Killzone is different for me because it's the first shooter I have played that's sci-fi based.  Most shooters for me have been military based.  This was a jump for me; it wasn't too big of a leap.

I have played through  ~5 levels.  While, playing these levels, I have learned a lot about what I liked, don't like, and some things that come be improved upon for the next installment within the Killzone series.

As for gameplay, the game runs smoothly.  No complaints!  The cut scenes add a certain "something" to the game.  I like how if you don't want to watch a cutscene you can skip them completely.  Wish more games had this feature. 

As for the controls, everything runs smoothly there too.  Just wish they had more settings than the normal set up for controls. 

As for the multi-player,  I just can't get into it.  Guess you could say Max Payne 3 spoiled me when it comes to the mutli-player dynamics.