After reading GIO' review of Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, I believe that they got it all wrong. In my humble opinion!

Here's the link to the review so you can read it for yourself.

For first impressions, this game hit every mark for me as I expected. 

These were my criteria for the game:

1.       An engaging single-player campaign

2.       Easy to use controls

3.       Not a run and gun ie. COD

4.       Has enough substance to keep you engaged

The little that I played of the game, I feel as though the game not only met those criteria; they also exceeded them, in my humble opinion.   

As for the gameplay, its engaging.  It keeps you on your toes.  The AI, artificial intelligence keeps you on your toes because they are quick to react to your movements.  You have to stay a few steps ahead when you can.  Another thing that the gameplay has going for it

As for the controls, they are like with any other military shooter.   There is nothing new and exciting there. Lol! 

As for the storyline, you're a sniper.  Again, there is nothing to really elaborate on there. I will say this. As where most games just give you a few levels of being a sniper.  This game takes it a step further & immerses you in the sniper world.  You actually feel as though you're living, breathing, and acting like a real-world sniper would.  The creators of this game did an excellent job in recreating that effect.

I will say for someone who is new to the Sniper series.  This game for me is a "breath of fresh air".  Yes, there is an intended pun there.

These are just my first impressions, there will be more to come as I get further into the game.