Thanks to Saint for giving me the idea for writing this blog.  Hope you guys enjoy it.

When you think of bloggers, you think of people that just write to write, blog to have something for people to read, etc. 

When you think of blogs and bloggers, you think of social media.  All of these things can be true depending on what your definition of blogs and bloggers consist of. 

My personal definition of a blogger is someone who informs, makes you think about a topic in a different way, or someone who just breathes new life into what some may consider a tired, or overly discussed topic(s). 

The following people I would consider being my personal "Top 5" bloggers in the GIO community.


What can I say?  This guy has a way of giving you information like no other.  His blogs make you think, they make you laugh at times; he has a way of provoking conversation in a way that others can only dream about. 

Love Saint, yea, I said I love Saint.  This guy has caused me to be a better blogger.  His topics of discussion always get a response from the GIO community.  He always has a way of keep you coming back for more.  He is one blogger who does quality over quantity.  He also has a way of doing the "sensitive" topics that many will not touch. 

DJH was one of the first persons besides Saint that got my interest in blogging started.  As they say the rest is history. 

The last two people I had some trouble coming up with.  These people that I have included thus far will always play an important role in me becoming a blogger. 

Nikolas Davidoff

Always brings something new to the blogging arena; she keeps you coming back for more.  Like Saint even when she comments, it has a way of making you think of how to better construct your next blog. 

This last and final person that I could as my "top 5" blogger is one that everyone knows in some way, shape, form, or fashion. 

You maybe wondering, who it is? Drumroll please!

The person that I have chosen as my last blogger for my top 5 is Orochisama.
Orochisama always writes a blog;  they way that he writes them is interesting.  He tries to comment something useful, and thought-provoking on your blogs.  He always leaves something constructive or insightful.  For this, I am grateful.  I hope he continues to comment, blog, and friend others within the GIO community for years to come.