The name Max Payne is one that send shivers down the backs of evil, causes criminals to tremble, and is someone you don't want to mess with.  When you hear the name Max Payne, it invokes thoughts of a rogue detective, a wise-cracking yet dead-on gunslinger, and a vigilante for justice.  Yes, Max Payne is all of these and more. 

Rockstar has proven themselves time and time again within the industry.  It has definitely set the bar for other action games within the genre for the next few quarters, if not the next few years, in my humble opinion for what it's worth.

The game itself starts off in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is where our character, Max Payne meets up with an old acquaintance Raul.  The cut-scenes show Raul and Max Payne picking people off as a deadly tag team.  It is here where Max shows signs of the old western style gun slinger that we have come to know and love.  He is a take charge, head-on detective.  Somewhat like Bond in his 007 series.   This is where the comparisons in my humble opinion come to a screeching halt. 

The game takes you through the slums of Sao Paulo, Brazil as Max reverts back to his old gun slinging ways.  Rockstar uses the storyline of Max Payne protecting a family of a well-known real-estate mogul, Rodrigo Blanco to keep the game interesting.  The underlying theme as we all know is that Max Payne is addicted to painkillers and is close to being a has been within the crime circles, so to speak. 

Max Payne goes from the slums of Sao Paulo to the penthouses and everywhere in between as he seeks out who he is; what his reason is for taking such a menacing task on.  Each level has its own objectives; with every clue you get closer to finding out the truth behind the assignment.  Some things may shock you; some things may cause you to feel empathetic towards Max. Then, again you may not. 

The gameplay was spot on. It doesn't compare to any other shooter I have played.  If I could rank it, on a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 10.  For me, gameplay includes controls, ease of control, ease of acclimating one's self to the weapon selection, etc. 

The visuals were stunning.  This holds especially when you get in a crunch. When it comes to the kill cams, those shots were killer, pun intended!  Visuals would rate a 10, no questions asked. 
If games were based on one thing, for me, the kill cam shots would make this game for me, A MUST-HAVE!!

As for the multiplayer, it has its pros and cons. For me, the maps are too small on certain levels.  The weapon selection is limited at times. 

As for the pros, the multiplayer is new every time out.  The modes in multiplayer keep things interesting.  My favorite is the large team deathmatch.  The pace of the game keeps things exciting; it allows for various styles of play, imho! 

For me, the multiplayer is more fun than the single-player campaign; you need to go through the single-player before diving into the multiplayer, just my two cents! 

Either way, Max Payne 3 has something for everyone. No matter your style or play or level of experience with shooter games, I would definitely recommend Max Payne 3.