I will be approaching the game from the standpoint of someone of is somewhat familiar with the series; not an overall hardcore fan.  The words below are my own; are my thoughts on the game in its entirety. When u first see Max Payne in this game, it makes u relive the days of when you may have played James Bond’ Goldeneye or 007.  The mechanics are basically the same. The set-up differs in the layout of the game, the storyline, and other things. 

Rockstar has proven themselves within the industry.  It has definitely set the bar for other action games within the genre for the next few quarters, if not the next few years, in my humble opinion for what it’s worth.

The game itself starts off in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is where our character, Max Payne meets up with an old acquaintance Raul.  The cut-scenes show Raul and Max Payne picking people off as a deadly tag team.  It is here where Max shows signs of the old western style gun slinger that we have come to know and love.  He is a take charge, head-on detective.  Somewhat like Bond in his 007 series.   This is where the comparisons in my humble opinion come to a screeching halt. 

The scenery is one that is well constructed.  The tutorial in the beginning helps lend a certain something to the game that sets this version of Max Payne apart from his previous games or other well-known action games that may take place within this given genre.

One key aspect of the game is the musical score. This at times makes it feel as though Max should be in a detective film ie. Godfather, Scarface, or Casino.  The music helps move the game along in a way that really can’t be expressed within the confines of this blog. 

If you have not gotten this game, I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you get this game, point-blank, period!! 

The use of the bullet-time feature takes some getting used to. Same goes for swapping guns in the game.  It always seems as though the bullets in your gun run out at the most important time in the game. Ugh, this is really an annoyance. 

As for the storyline itself Rockstar does a great job of integrating some of the past scenes from other Max Payne games into the current version.  For anyone who has not played the prior games; maybe familiar with either the comic books or the movies, then they would have no problems following along within the game. 

As for the game itself, I am currently working my way through the second level, if you want to call it that.  The tutorial is easy going; they make it so anyone can follow along.  I just have one caveat.  The writing on screen in these games is small as hell. Other than that, I have no complaints about the game itself, the gameplay, mechanics of the game, or the overall storyline. 

As for the rating of the game; the part that I have played thus far, I’d rate the game as a 9.5/10.