Here is my first blog of the year. I decided to give my thoughts and first impressions about Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

First impressions are key, NO matter what you’re doing in life.  First impressions are what make a book what it is. For example, a book has a synopsis.  For a movie, it has a review or preview trailer has sets the tone. For a video game, you have both a YouTube trailer and a review or preview.

Here's an example of what I mean. See the trailer for the game below.

When Medal of Honor comes to mind, you think of a tactical shooter.  You also think of a well-oiled segment or military platoon too.

For a sequel, you expect the game to be just as good as or better than the first one.  As of this review, really can’t say that about Medal of Honor: Warfighter.  The game had some issues from the beginning.  One major issue that the game had was a one-day patch.  The one day patch cleared up the majority of issues that I had with the game.  For a game with such expectations for a sequel, one would think that the game developers would have they issues worked out before the game is released to the masses.

When I started hearing about this game I had high expectations for the game.  Due to the fact that the trailers were high-quality, I expected the same for a sequel. This goes for both the multiplayer and the single-player campaign.

As for the graphics as always they are first-class.  The mechanics were a C grading before the patch; after the patch was applied I would give the mechanics a B+ rating.  The layout of the game is typical of a first-person shooter.  The opening scene is reminiscent of MOH, Medal of Honor’s Battlefield 1944 edition that came with the first game that came with the first PS3 console.

The mechanics of the game differ greatly from the prior installment. I think that the game has potential for a decent replay value.

I will be posting a more in-depth review of the game when I finish it.