Dear friends (matastig) we are gathered here today to pay our last tributes and respects to the memory of my fat PS3 60GB unit-PS2 compatible with a custom 500GB HDD that YLODed early this day... During last night I had a marathon session of Mass Effect 3, and I think my cat with her own furry way gave to the old PS3 the final blow, or "coup de grace".

The photo was taken almost two years back, but this was happening every time I sat to play a game.


This was also happening with other electronic devices-sources of heat. 


Come to think of it, this cat from the beginning of her life had the exact same behaviour. Needless to say that this first laptop is not working anymore, and that's why I had to replace it with the black one, and then replace itself with a third one.

Luckily I have a spare PS3 unit. a common 80GB one with no PS2 compatibility. The problem is that I'm broke. There will be no more new laptops and consoles. If something happens to my remaining electonic devices, from there after I will have to cover my needs for gaming with Facebook flash games, and I hope that I will still have a working computer to be able do that. When it boils down to it it's about the cat's hair vs. overheated devices. It's an unfair battle and actually just a matter of time before the inevitable. But wait a moment...I still have an Xbox 360 in my closet. And a fat PS2! Not everything is lost then.