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In this article I will break down the Ghosts reveal trailer, piece by piece, scene by scene.  There is a lot of information given in the trailer, and many campaign events, both major and minor, are uncovered.

Meteor Shower

The trailer begins showing the sky as a meteor shower, or something similar, rains down from above.  The meteors are bright yellow and the sky is a burnt light orange or yellow color with dark grey clouds.  It was revealed in the Guardian's interview with the Infinity Ward lead animator that in one of the multiplayer levels, players will race to a crashed satellite to get a free UAV.  Based on that information, these "meteors" could possibly be crashing satellites, although that doesn't take into account the massive crater shown in the next scene.

Just a man and his dog at the end of the world.
Just a man and his dog at the end of the world.

As the trailer pans down, a soldier is revealed standing next to his dog.  The dog is wearing some sort of backpack, clearly indicating he is a member of the soldier’s squad.  The pair are looking out over a valley, which upon closer inspection appears to be a crater that has a smashed city (probably in South America) inside of it.  To the right, a church leans over a cliff into the crater.  The narrator begins by saying, “it’s been 10 years.”  Ten years from what, we can’t help but wonder.  Did an asteroid hit the earth?  And these rocks falling from above are more asteroids? Was there a massive attack of some kind?  

Leaning Landscape

Next we cut to an angel in a courtyard that is leaning to the right as ash rain falls from above. The next few scenes show a monastery or church which is also leaning, and a very slanted hallway full of debris. The ash rain makes me think it was some sort of attack with a weapon, possibly nuclear.  If it was an asteroid, there wouldn’t be much ash, would there?  Unless it was coming off of buildings that the asteroid had caused to start on fire.

Welcome to the Jungle

The next cut is to a jungle scene where a soldier walks next to a huge, vine covered tree as the sun breaks through the top layer of the trees.  The lighting and detail in this scene seems to be a big step up from the old console graphics.  The narrator says, “you start to forget… things you should remember.”  There doesn’t seem to be any ash in the jungle, which is pondersome. 


Next we cut to a soldier who falls through ice.  As he drifts to the bottom, we see that below him is basically a whole squad along with their vehicles and supplies, all drifting to the bottom of the body of water.  This reminds me of that Battlefield trailer where the team is stuck in their jeep drifting to the bottom of some other body of water.

Lots of dogs

Another dog is quickly shown.  Then helicopters over what appears to be Caracas, Venezuela.  As some soldiers in the helicopter are shown, the narrator says, “we’ve always had the power… not anymore.”  Then there is a cut to some soldiers in the jungle and we see one is wearing a ghost patch where a US flag would usually be.  The narrator says “what we have is each other.” Once again, there is no ash here.  Maybe this scene is pre-attack or ash creating event?

A ghosts squad is then shown sneaking up on some sort of factory at night during a lightning storm.  The scene is basically a blue sky with black jungle and buildings.  A helicopter is then shown flying over the buildings.  I’m guessing that helicopter is an enemy surveillance team.  There doesn’t seem to be any ash here either, but maybe the dark makes it impossible to see. Once again, this scene has beautiful lighting and gorgeous details.

Next there is a cut to a soldier and his dog coming out of what appears to be a bunker to ash rain and dust filled sky.  This really makes it seem like there was some sort of attack, and the world above was destroyed.  Not only was there an attack or event that caused this ash to rain from above, but it was known about beforehand and people got to bunkers.

Next we run through a lot of events quickly:

A group of soldiers run through a river, including a waterfall that really reminds me of Jurassic Park: The Lost World, where the group of survivors run from a T-Rex.

A Helicopter drops off a team of ghillie-suited snipers in a field.  I was really excited by this scene as I love the ghillie suit and sniper missions, and hope there will be ghillie suit missions in the new game.

A soldier pulls on a ghosts mask as narrator says “ghosts haunt you.” The soldier then kills a guard in a hallway by stabbing him through the neck and dragging him back into the darkness from whence he came.

Doesn't this look like a submerged clocktower?
Doesn't this look like a submerged clocktower?
Holy Diver

A dive team swims through what appears to be a water filled clocktower.  This is very interesting.  Are we to believe that an entire city is underwater up to the top of a clocktower?  Could the campaign be about global warming?  Or maybe the moon was destroyed and the tides changed, flooding some major cities?

More divers are shown in a coral reef.  One flees to avoid a helicopter that is crashing through the reef towards him.

Skyscrappers, dogs, and a church

A man pets his dog.  Soldiers grapple-walk down a skyscraper, aiming their weapons as they go. That church from the beginning is shown again as it slides of the cliff and crashes into the crater. A soldier runs down a yellow industrial catwalk as a huge explosion goes off to his left. A helicopter is shown over the wreckage of that catwalk area. A Wooden paneled door is blown open and dog attacks a soldier.  I wonder if we are playing as the dog in this scene, as the camera angle seems like it might be an in game recording.  Next, a soldier dives and slides through a skyscraper as it falls sideways towards the ground.  This is probably the same skyscraper that we saw the soldiers grapple-walking down earlier.


A soldier watches as water gushes down the city streets of a South American city.  It seems like a dam broke or something for that much water to come at once. We then see a soldier swim through the same city streets, as a strong current drags both people and object alike down the street.


Next there is a cut to a massive nuclear submarine breaking through the ice as it slowly surfaces.  I can tell it is surfacing slowly because when large submarines make emergency or fast breaks through the ice, they come nose first.  This one is basically level as it rises.  I thought perhaps this submarine is the source of the weapon that creates all that ash.  As in perhaps the bad guys either hijack it or infiltrate it and either take or launch a weapon.

The trailer finishes with the written words “we’re all we’ve got.”

So what did we learn?

None of these things are for sure, but they do seem likely:

1). Dogs are really getting hyped up and we probably get to play as a dog or command a dog.

2). There is some sort of event that causes ash to rain from the sky, there is a huge crater in South America, and lots of buildings are off their foundations.

3). Water floods cities for some reason, including a massive clocktower and a South American city.

4). There is a mission where you sneak into a protected facility at night.

5). There is a mission where you are a sniper with a ghillie suit.