Hmmm, MW3. The game has been out for over two months now, and I am finally ready to write a review about it.

First off, the campaign is very solid, albeit very short. I beat it on Hardened in 4.5 hours. I liked the story, it tied up the 3 game storyline well, but I wasn't in love with it. Previously I loved COD4's story and campaign. I thought MW2 story was weak and predictable, but loved the levels it allowed us to play. In MW3, the story was just okay and the levels were just okay. The graphics were excellent and there was a lack of glitches. The whole thing was a silky smooth experience chalked full of set pieces. Some of the levels were impressive, some were bland. Overall a fun experience, but it just felt like the same old thing.

Spec Ops is probably the best thing about this game. The individual spec op missions are excellent, much better than MW2's. There were so many and they all were fun and challenging. I loved playing through them all. They seemed varied, with each presenting different things to do. What I didn't really understand is why they choose to keep many of these as Spec Op missions. It seemed like many would have slotted nicely into campaign mode, which could have made the game longer.  The new part of Spec Ops was Survival, which is probably my favorite wave mode ever. I got the Unstoppable title for it by reaching wave 15 in each mission.

Overall, the campaign and Spec Ops have taken up around 20 hours of my time, which I think is a decent amount for any game. Those were high quality hours of entertainment. If the game had no MP, with the other stuff it would still be worth whatever they charged you, $60 or less.  But these thing aren't why people buy COD, which brings us to the Multiplayer.

What I like about MP:

1)      16 maps! Big improvement over the 8-10 we've gotten before.

2)      Guns are fun to fire. They weren't as good in MW2, IMO.

3)      Kill Confirmed. Love everything about it. It's TDM without the camping, and the tags allow for higher scores. KC is probably the best way for me to run up my score and prestige fast.

What I don't like about MP:

1)      Unbalanced. Some spawns are way better than others. Some guns are overpowered. If you aren't either using the Type 95, FMG9 akimbo, or quickscoping, you are at a disadvantage. Hasn't stopped me from destroying people with other weapons, but I still don't like it. The only decent shotgun is the Striker, which is odd. They should be closer together I think, not one that is clearly the best.

2)      Hit detection is bad. Sometimes people are shooting you and you duck around a corner. You have enough time to crouch and turn to wait before it tells you that you actually died before getting to cover. Then on the replay you see the guy got several hits that were just air. The FMG9 is terrible for this. I hate when I am on a streak and someone FMG9's me without actually ever hitting me.

3)      Quitters, booster, and cheaters. There is a lot of this going on. I think they need to do more to clamp down on it. I also am not a fan of all the hate mail I get via messages.

People (fanboys) constantly complain that COD is the same thing each year. While it is very similar in many ways, there are always a few differences. The Treyarch titles have been quite a bit different then the IW/Sledgehammer titles. Certainly WAW was way different than any MW title. Black Ops was closer, yet still felt quite a bit different. It had the best hit detection and balance of any COD title, and CTF was amazing. For these reasons MLG seems to be sticking with BO instead of going to MW3. MW3 sucks for CTF. The maps aren't geared for it and the rounds are too short.  There are new killstreaks this year. I love the Specialist strike package as it lets me prestige so much quicker. It took 23 hours with assault. Only 15 with Specialist. In the future I would like them to gear the killstreaks more towards good players, but I don't think that will be happening. There is the barebones which is cool. I'm not sure how I feel about the nuke being 25 weapon kills and not a game ender. It seems so difficult to obtain. If I get to 40-0 with assault I think I deserve to win, but that isn't always the case.

As for elite, it still doesn't work right. Beachhead did a terrible job.

Overall this is another solid COD installment well worth the money. It won't blow anyone away like COD4 did, but there is a lot of content here that can entertain for hours and hours. I am almost to 10th prestige with 9 days played. Add another day for the other stuff. That is a lot of time and entertainment. I love playing this game with friends. I prefer it over WAW and MW2. BO had maybe a better campaign and MP, but MW3's MP is decent and Spec Ops is great. I think people are getting carried away with the scores that are above 9.0. I would give this game an 8.0. Not appropriate for kids under 10.