We have now had a few days to play the Battlefield 3 beta. I had long looked forward to my first taste of this game.  I have been watching every Battlefield 3 video and reading every article about the game. I was very excited.

In regards to the Battlefield vs. COD war, I have always been firmly on the COD side. I own seven different Call of Duty titles. I have been playing the games since 2004. Like everyone else, COD 4 blew my mind. WAW wasn't as good, but it was different and the MP was fun nonetheless.  I didn't care for the WAW campaign.  I couldn't wait for MW2.  The game finally came out, and it was as buggy as a New York City hotel room mattress.  After some patches, the game did work, and it was fun, but the game was very similar to the last two COD installments. Again, I played the game for hours anyways and had a lot of fun with it. Whereas for the past two games I had played those titles nonstop all year, with MW2 I got bored by January and started playing other games again. When Black Ops came out, I was really into Halo, but switched anyways. BO was a good game, Treyarch's best ever campaign, but the multiplayer was the exact same thing as the last three games, just different maps and some different takes on weapons and killstreaks.

After buying COD games that were essentially the same for four straight years, I was ready to switch to BF3. I knew that BF has more time between titles. I knew BF was different than COD. I was excited about the prospect of vehicles, large maps, and no campers! The videos looked amazing. I knew they were PC videos, but we were told the 360 would look similar.

I made up my mind pretty much to buy BF3 and skip the COD installment this year. I would rent MW3 for the campaign, but my money would go to EA. I thought I would get a different game, and would send a message to Activision that they need to make some changes and not put out the same game, year after year, with new maps and some tweaked weapons.  I can't fault them for the campaigns, as those have all been very good, if only a bit short.

And then the beta came out. I know betas are supposed to have problems to be fixed, but there were so many problems here.  The one that really bothered me was having the aim down sights jam.  I also really don't like getting stuck standing on flat surfaces or surfaces I think I should be able to run over.  Will they really be able to fix that? I hope so.

Another big thing that stands out to me is the graphics. The game just doesn't look anywhere near as smooth as COD. The buildings look pixelated in comparison to the COD titles. So the game is broken and the graphics are bad, what about gameplay?

Like I said, I hate rush. This seems odd, because I love capture the flag and domination in COD. I like the games where people have to run around. Rush doesn't appear to really be that sort of game. It is more like everyone camps around the objectives, and then people try to break through to quick get the MCOM stations.  There are so many campers in the beta.  I'm guessing those are the people that will buy the game too, as they all are like 20-10 kd wise.  If I hunkered down and camped, I could do well too. My best outing was 26-4, but that was dumb. I like to run around. You can't do that in this game, or you will get killed for sure by someone camping.

Overall, this game just wasn't fun. Other betas have been fun, like WAW and Halo Reach. This one was not.

Based on what I've seen of the BF3 beta, I'm no longer going to buy this game at release. I will rent it. I'm still willing to give it a chance, but right now it looks like I will pass, in which case I will buy MW3. I know what I'm getting with COD, a slightly improved MW2. The graphics will be similar, but that is because the 360 has reached its limits. BF3 would be lucky to have 360 graphics like MW3.

After deciding I might be going with MW3, I have started looking through the vids and articles. It looks pretty cool. I'll have fun with survival mode, and I like having multiple attachments and scopes. I'm not crazy about the WWIII storyline, but the maps could be cool. I would prefer not to be in metro areas, but if the map is cool, then I guess I don't care that much. At least it will be different.

There are some other pluses for me about MW3. One, I have spent so much time getting good at COD. I know expect to have a k/d of at least 2.5, and that is mainly running around in CTF and Domination, no camping. Another thing is many of my friends always buy COD, so we can play together.

My money might be going to Activision again, but maybe that doesn't matter. They want to be the premier shooter, so when new equipment comes out, they likely will upgrade the game as much as they can. Hopefully they have the people to do that. I always get my money out of COD games, usually playing about one week in actual hours. That's 168 hours, which is more than I spend on any other games.

BF still has a chance to get me. I will be renting it. If I really like it and can see myself enjoying playing it for a long time, I will pull the trigger, but right now I am leaning towards COD again.  This makes me question why EA put out this beta in the first place. Sure, they needed to test the game, but they didn't have to have such a large open beta. They could have restricted it to past Battlefield players or people who have preordered. All this beta has shown me is not to buy this game.  It seems like many new BF players feel the same. They should have at least given us a better map and game mode. Vehicles would have been nice. An environment that was more destructible would have been good too.  All I see here is a big COD map with more open spaces and more campers and bad graphics and it is broken and the guns aren't fun to shoot . If they wanted to attract people over from COD, this beta is not helping, it is hurting.