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Top 10 Worst Things To Happen While Playing a Game

Bad things will eventually happen to all gamers at some point and they can range from small annoyances to game breaking glitches. Sometimes it is due to a real life occurrence or an in game occurrence. So I though I would give the top 10 worst things to happen while playing a video game, so lets get to it!


Phone Call

Getting a phone call in the middle of playing a game is a small annoyance but is not the worst thing that can happen. You can just avoid it or just answer it and get it over with. You at most would lose a few minutes of playing time and can always save or pause the game. Phone calls are annoying but certainly not the worst thing that can happen.



Family member or friend walking in on you session

There have been many times where someone was in the middle of a boss fight or a level and someone they know walks in on them wanting to talk. Parents usually walk in to make you do chores or see if your homework is done, friends may want to play or do something else instead. Most people when playing a game want to be left alone to enjoy the experience and having someone bother you while doing is annoying.



Small Glitches

Glitches happen! There is nothing you can do about and sometimes can lead to funny moments. Sometimes they can be unfunny and stop you from getting fully emerged in a game. Glitches are bad but certainly not the worst that can happen.



Out of Storage Memory

When you go to download a game or maybe even save a game, there is a chance that you could not have any memory left to complete those actions. Running out of memory can easily be avoided by having a huge hard drive or keeping your storage in check. The worst it can do is make you go buy a new storage device to use.



Game Freezing Up

Yet another thing that probably has happened to everyone is a game freezing at a loading screen or while playing. Depending on when it happens it can cause a person a lot of trouble or none at all. I have personally been on both sides of the spectrum. I have had games freeze and then I would try to think and recall the last time I saved, then came back to the game and lost hours or minutes of progress which is very frustrating. As long as it does not continue to happen it is still manageable.



Power Outage

If you have ever played a game during a thunderstorm you should know to save a little more often than usual because you never know when the power could go out. In the area where I live, we have many trees that tend to fall on power lines so power outages are normal, I have trained myself to save more often due to these. A power outage can cause you to lose a lot of progress and if it happens it can be irritating because even mother nature does not want you to finish that game!



Damaged Discs

Remember when you popped in your favorite PS2 game and waited for it to be read by the system and then it reads disc read error and you check you disc and there is a scratch? That is one of the worst things that can happen because it causes that game to be unplayable at times or at all. No matter how much your wipe the disc clean with your shirt it will not go away. You can always try to get it fixed or you can buy the game again. Make sure to take good care of your games and treat them like you would a newborn!



Lost Save Memory

If you ever have had this happen it sucks because it is out of your power and you are never sure why it happens. Losing a saved game is no fun especially if it is a RPG where you put hundreds of hours into and then find out that all of that is gone and you have to restart. That is why I always make sure to have at least 2 different files of a save just in case I lose one I will have a backup file. Losing a save file in which you have hundreds of hours saved on is one of the worst things that can happen and is just a deflating feeling.



Game Breaking Glitch

A game breaking glitch is like it says, it is a glitch that breaks the game and makes it unplayable or unbeatable. I am lucky enough to never encounter a game breaking glitch and hope I never will. It has to be one of the most frustrating things that can happen because it is mainly due to the developers missing something that causes the game to break. Gaming breaking glitches are something that you have no control over and you never know when it will happen but when it does you will know one of the worst feelings in gaming.



Console Breaks or Dies!

What is worst than a game breaking? A whole system breaking, which makes all your games unplayable. When a console breaks or dies ti is the worst thing that can happen to a gamer, because what is a gamer without a console to play games on. I have experienced this multiple times before and it is terrible. I have had two PS2s break and my Xbox 360 get the red ring of death. My PS2's both died eventually and luckily my 360 was able to be fixed. When a console breaks or dies it is not the only thing that breaks, a gamers heart is broken as well.



There is my list let me know what you think and if any of these have happened to you. Thanks!