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Series that need to come back as Downloadable series

Downloadable titles are becoming more popular every year. Games that are not AAA tiles usually release as a downloadable game to avoid losing money from producing hard copy versions. Recent successes of downloadable games are Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and Call of Juarez Gunslinger. Call of Juarez was a series that was thought to be dead but Gunslinger helped revive the series. That made me think what series should be brought back as downloadable series. Each of these game in my opinion would be better off not being a retail game, so lets get to it!


Crash Bandicoot

It has been about a decade since we had a classic Crash Bandicoot game. Crash Bandicoot is the mascot of the PS1 era and is one of my favorite characters. The first 3 games are extremely good and are a blast to play. Having Crash Bandicoot be revived as a downloadable title would be awesome! A classic Crash game most likely would not sell well as a $60 retail game but if you make it a $20 or $15 downloadable title it would sell like crazy. Crash Bandicoot is the type of game that sells really well as a downloadable title, platforms sell fairly well on Steam, Xbox Arcade and the Playstation Store. Many people have fond memories of Crash Bandicoot and would no doubt buy a $20 dollar game on the PS store, myself included.

Star Fox

The last Star Fox game came out for the Gamecube and it was not really a "Star Fox" game. Having a classic Star Fox game like Star Fox 64 would be a great idea for a downloadable title. I believe it would be harmful to the series if it were forced to become a 50 or 60 game because it would increase production costs on the game and force developers to add useless things to the game. I think Star Fox works better as a $20 game where it has 12 to 20 stages and maybe some online co-op. Most fans of the series by now would take anything at this point and by making it a downloadable game it would satisfy those fans and would make the game more profitable compared to a $60 Star Fox.

Prince of Persia

The last Prince of Persia game did not do so well as far as sales go and the series has been put to sleep for a while. I think the reason why the game did not do so well is becuase it needed to be a downloadable side scrolling platformer like the original Prince of Persia game. Having a Prince of Persia game made like the original would make it easier to produce and also cheaper, reducing the risk of making one. If done right the game would look awesome and you could still integrate classic wall running in the game. They should base the style of the game on the 2008 PoP. It would look gorgeous and would fit the theme of being a platformer due to the 2008 version mainly focusing on platforming. Making the Prince of Persia series a downloadable title would help revive the series.

Mega Man

Where the hell are all the Mega Man games? Everybody wants them but Capcom does nothing. The Mega Man series would be the perfect series to become a downloadable series. I see many ripoffs of Mega Man on all the downloadable stores, so why not bring the real thing to those stores. it would make it easier to make and cheaper so Capcom would not be taking as big of a risk compared to a retail version. Having a new Mega Man game similar to the classic Mega Man or Mega Man X games for $20 would be awesome and would satisfy many people. Their is little doubt in my mind that it would sell well and should make Mega Man a series that comes out more often than it does now.


Like I said with Mega Man, where are the Metroid games? Nintendo is avoiding a series that could help them sell some Wii U units or 3DS units. Making a Metroid game that is similar to Super Metroid would make a lot of people happy. Many people enjoyed the Prime games but they still missed the classical 2D Metroid games, making Metroid a downloadable title would make it easier to make a Super Metroid like game. Like I stated many times before it would make it cheaper to produce and would make Metroid become a series that would come out more regularly. If Nintendo announced a new 2D Metroid game for the 3DS and Wii U, my mouth would water with excitement. I would take a $20 dollar Metroid game over no Metroid game at all, like everyone else. Nintendo if your reading this make a downloadable Metroid game and you will see a rise of console sales, that is a fact!

Let me know what you think about my list? What game would you like to see become downloadable only?